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CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context
nomadic festival project
1 January - 31 December 2011

CologneOFF 2011 Sattal/Uttarakhand - India
18-19-20 February 2011
at CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity


While CologneOFF 2011 is still being present
at Keuruu Museum, in Finland,
it is also already on the way to India for
making a stop at Sattal, 
a magnificent place in the Himalaya mountains not too far from New Delhi,
where since some years in February each year -
CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity  - is taking place,
a festival of digital and electronic art
where Western and Eastern art and philosophy meet each other

In India - CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context -
is presenting not only the entire festival program of CologneOFF VI
including more than 80 videos, but also the series of compilations of videoart from
USA (Alysse Stepanian, Los Angeles), Norway (Margarida Paiva, Oslo Screen Festival)
Italy (Giorgio Fedeli, Visual Container Milan)
South Africa (Kai Lossgott, City Breath Festival Cape Town, RSA) and
Portugal (Pedro Almeida & Sergio Gomes, VideoLab Project Portugal)

The same programs were previously presented on
Delhi International Art Festival
in the framework of "Edgelogue" at
Alliance Francaise, New Delhi - 12-13 December 2010.

CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context
1 January 2011 - 31 December 2011

is collabortative project between
--> Le Musee di-visioniste - the new museum of networked art
--> Cologne International Videoart Festival
powered by
--> artvideoKOELN - the initiative "art & moving images"

contact --> info (at) coff.newmediafest.org