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Don Feb 17 12:07:28 CET 2011

OPENING FRIDAY 18 FEB 2011 at 18:00 at NIMk
(live performance at 17:00 at Melkweg)

Exhibition duration: 19 February – 29 April 2011
Locations: NIMk, Melkweg, Paradiso

With Harm van den Berg, Jonas Bohatsch, Stijn Demeulenaere, Aleksandra Domanovic, Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk, LoVid, Haag/Rumori/Windisch/Zeller, Jörg Piringer, Evan Roth, Thomson & Craighead, Roel Wouters & Jonathan Puckey

In Cloud Sounds, the participating artists use musical subjects and processes for their work. Cloud Sounds explores production methods in the visual arts in which the input from the public is essential. Social media and other Web 2.0 participatory procedures on the internet create new possibilities for the production of art. A number of artists make use of online possibilities such as crowdsourcing or mechanical turking, in which internet users cooperate on the realisation of the artwork. Through this, at various points visitors, fans or online participants wittingly or unwittingly join in ‘producing’ the end result. The admonition ‘don’t touch’ is replaced by ‘join in’. Cloud Sounds is part of 5 Days On. http://www.5daysoff.nl/5dayson
and http://nimk.nl/eng/cloud-sounds

Cloud Sounds is supported by the VSB fund, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), The Performing Arts Fund, the Mondriaan Foundation, MOJO Concerts, The City of  Amsterdam, Evert Snel Piano's en Vleugels, NIMk, Melkweg and Paradiso. Powered by Beamsystems

Friday 18 February, Free entrance
5:00 pm Performance Offener Schaltkreis in the Melkweg http://osk.openkhm.de/
6:00 pm Opening Netherlands Media Art Institute with at 6:30 pm an electronic experimental audio-visual set by Funckarma & VJ Loudanov http://www.funckarma.com

5 Days Off
The eleventh edition of the annual 5 Days Off festival will take place from 2 through 6 March, 2011, show-casing the latest developments surrounding electronic music. 5 Days On is the title of the arts programme of the festival. The culture of electronic music, DJ’s and VJ’s, remixing and clips is also the starting point for the exhibition Cloud Sounds at NIMk, Paradiso and Melkweg, opening on 18 February. http://www.5daysoff.nl

During the 5 Days Off festival a number of live sessions and workshops are taking place at the NIMk.

On 2 March, at 6:00 p.m., there will be a free guided tour of the exhibition, followed by the departure of Benjamin Newland's Nomadic Sound System for Leidseplein, to the other festival locations.

On 3 March, beginning at 5:30 p.m., you can hear more about the development of two new on-line and mobile works produced for the festival: flitser.org by Roel Wouters and Jonathan Puckey, and What would you whisper in a stranger’s ear? by We Are Forests (Emilie Grenier and Duncan Speakman).

On 4 March, starting at 5:30 p.m., the promotors of |Cine|Sonic| tell more about the concept and the performances that take place during 5 Days Off. On the festival nights of 5 Days Off |Cine|Sonic| present legendary or almost forgotten avant-garde classics from the archive of the Eye Film Institute, with new versions of the original soundtracks performed live by trail-blazing Dutch musicians.

We Are Forests (Duncan Speakman & Emilie Grenier) are working on a new sonic, interactive performance for public space and creating a narrative playground for participants. During 5 Days Off they will do workshops and experiments to test out their ideas, and they invite you to take part. Possibly there will be secret assignments and intimate meetings, probably there will also be headphones and sounds, and there will certainly be parades through the streets of Amsterdam.
Do you want to join in? Send an e-mail to subtlemob at gmail.com with ‘5daysoff’ as the subject. http://weareforests.com/

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