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ANCB Metropolitan Technologies Programme

Call for Participants

TouchHouse. Smart Living - Communicating Surfaces

an Opportunity Mapping Workshop in cooperation with Busch-Jaeger
ANCB invites applications from students and practitioners to  
participate in an
exciting workshop on the interface between building control, spatial  
and design
implications, and energy efficiency. A team of 20-30 participants will  
join with
experts from the fields of architecture, design, engineering and  
science to develop innovative design proposals.

Workshop Dates: Thursday 3rd, 10 am, to Sunday 6th February 2011

Workshop Background: The energy efficiency of residential and office  
buildings as well as
of entire cities can be significantly increased by means of  
intelligent and networked
technologies. Man enters a new kind of interaction with the built  
environment here. Digital
building control, dynamic spaces and the accompanying challenges for  
architects, developers
and decision-makers are not only a question of technical feasibility  
and architectural
innovative potential. They concern basic human behavioural patterns.  
Acquired behaviour,
needs and wishes as well as social influences determine our usage of  
space, the
communication between man and architecture, the awareness of energy  
efficient action –
and possibly hinder the acceptance of networked and self-regulating  
Thus, it is the interface between the built environment and the user –  
the communication
with the surface – that often hampers the full use of energy efficient  
building and planning’s
potential. So, how can systems be developed that allow for an  
intuitive handling and an
adaptation of behaviour?

Workshop Aim: The objective of the workshop is to localise,  
conceptualise and visualise
innovative, palpable approaches – the creation of an opportunity map –  
for the further
development of energy efficient, intelligent building control as well  
as to examine its
premises and consequences with regard to architecture, urban space and  
human behaviour.
Workshop Format: 4-day Opportunity Mapping Workshop with public expert  
(day 1), intensive group workshop (days 2-3) and presentations of  
results (day 4)

Workshop Directors and Staff: Dietmar Leyk, architect, visiting  
Professor Berlage Institute
Rotterdam with Thomas Auer, climate engineer, Transsolar and Daniel  

Expert contributions from: Carlos Alakon, architect, Sauerbruch Hutton  
Thomas Auer, climate engineer, Transsolar; Joachim Bauer, neuro  
biologist, Freiburg
University (tbc); Hanif Kara, structural engineer, Adams Kara Taylor,  
(tbc); Reto Wettach,
ANCB Newsletter
physical interaction designer, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam  
(tbc); Duncan Wilson,
associate director, Arup; Jan Christoph Zoels, design director,  
Experientia; and others

Participation Requirements: Undergraduate or graduate students and  
young graduates
from the fields of architecture or related disciplines, product  
design, graphic design,
psychology, behavioural sciences, sociology

Submission Requirements: PDF with short CV plus 200 word expression of  
included in body of e-mail

Submission Deadline: Sunday, 9th January 2011 (12am CET) to Dunya  
Bouchi, db at aedesnetwork-

Cost: Participation is free, with the exception of a nominal  
administration fee of €50. ANCB
will assist participants in organising affordable accomodation.
ANCB Metropolitan Technologies Programme

The act of making architecture is becoming more trans-disciplinary as  
it involves working
with science – with the physics of how load is transferred, how light  
reaches into space, how
sound travels through materials, how sunlight is harnessed for passive  
heating, how space is
perceived. The opportunities of new tools, technologies and materials  
open up unexpected
innovative perspectives for the architecture of living and working.  
Thus, architects collaborate
with the sciences, other design fields and art to develop new  
approaches on the theme of
building surface and boundaries, and to explore the potential of new  
technologies to achieve
more sustainable buildings while integrating factors of design and end- 
user behaviour. And of
course the making of architecture is itself a physical act, a is the  
occupation of architecture.
This theme seeks to explore all these physicalities.

ANCB Opportunity Mapping Format
This workshop format, tailored to partners from institutions,  
enterprise and industry,
localises, conceptualises and visualises prospective policies,  
programmes, products, materials
or technologies – as an opportunity map – whose application would  
contribute to
understanding, appreciating and positively intervening in the urban  
environment. In the
manner of the Think-Lab workshop, this workshop format involves  
exchange talks and
lectures, followed by a focussed discussion towards a distinct goal  
which includes the
articulation of a question to be explored in a 1- to 4-day workshop.  
At the end of the
workshop, the results are presented to the client-partner with a final  
round-table discussion
with the workshop leaders/advisers identifying the most pertinent and  
opportunities and their paths towards implementation.
We would like to thank Busch-Jaeger for their generous support.
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