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> Betreff: special issue of OSCA newsletter - citizens action needed
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> Urgent - they want to rip us all off! Let's protest!
> The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) says telecommunications companies will be permitted to charge third-party Internet service providers for usage-based billing, effective March 31st, 2011. At the moment the big providers like Bell and Rogers charge you when you excess certain limit of data downloaded, but many small providers charge a flat rate and set no limits on downloads. They will have to change it after March 31st and from now on everybody will have to pay penalties when they exceed certain limit of bites. If you think that this decision will only affect some users, you are wrong. It will affect all of us, even those who do not use internet at all.
> First of all it will affect the small internet providers and probably eliminate some of them from the market at all, which means less choice for the consumers, which is always bad. Then, those who survive, will be less competitive for Bell and Rogers, so Bell and Rogers will be able to dictate higher prices and smaller data limits for everybody. This will affect again all the internet consumers. Do not imagine they will charge you less when you use the internet less. They will charge you the same, or more then they do now. The only thing that will change is that some people will pay much more than they used to. So the whole idea is beneficial only to Bell and Rogers, not to their clients or anybody else. Bell and Rogers have already been making billions of dollars every year and now they want to make more, at the expense of our society and the economy of whole the country. You want to know how it affects the economy and the society? Read the PDF document attached.
> 1. You can sign a protest letter here: http://openmedia.ca/stand-up-for-your-communication-rights#campaigns or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/openmedia.ca
> 2. You can forward this message to EVERYBODY on your MAILING LIST.
> 3. You can copy this message or write down your own protest and send it to your MP.
> 4. You can print out this message or write down and print your own protest and send it to:
> Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
> Ottawa, Ontario
> Canada, K1A 0N2
> 5. You can find other ways to spread the word: your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blog, etc., talking to your family, neigbours and collegues, writing to your local newspaper or calling your local radio station. Every method is good - we need to make it a subject of a public debate and protest, this is the only way.  
> Please don't wait and act now! The clock is ticking!. 
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