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Son Mai 1 00:06:07 CEST 2011

invitation to the 700MBG opening:


"699.987.968 BYTES" by Katrin Herzner, Germany


starting today, may 1st, at www.700MBG.com


In her presentation the artist offers an interesting insight in her performative way of understanding the artwork as a procedure. With great fun she combines her daily routine with a process-oriented artistic practice.
Using an audio recorder the artist accompanies her everyday life, to collect and to structure her ideas and to document her consistent reflection on her works. The result of this approach is a 699.987.968 byte radio play and a chart-like description on paper.
Using almost every single byte a cd has to offer the artist presents a pristine and philosophical process of thinking through and putting into order. Her approach is to act, take one step after the other and with great curiousity to watch what happens.
Everybody welcome to listen and to re-escort the process!

best regards,

phillip + stefan

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