[rohrpost] Oscillation Series No.9 - Sunday, May 29th, 8pm

Shintaro Miyazaki miyazaki.shintaro at gmail.com
Fre Mai 27 11:36:55 CEST 2011

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No. 9
date: 29th of May 2011, Sun. 8pm
title: The Politics of Listening
with: Rachel O’Dwyer and Gilles Aubry (moderated by Jan Thoben and  
Shintaro Miyazaki)
place: General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, Berlin.

Rachel O’Dwyer – Media Publics: The Politics of Listening Together

Recent transformations in media practices through digitally networked  
platforms have chronicled  a shift from traditional media audience  
models towards ‘media publics’, reflecting the active and engaged  
stance that this term infers. Today’s media publics, it can be argued,  
are not passive receivers, but are directly contributing to the  
critique, production and dissemination of contemporary culture.
This talk will explore this condition by focusing on the evolution of  
contemporary listening practices in response to the proliferation of  
mobile, networked and reproduction technologies. In light of  
changing   media ecologies, how might we understand listening, as  
opposed to discursive practices, as publically and politically  
orientated? What opportunities exist for political consensus, action,  
or resistance through these new ways of listening together?

Profile Rachel O’Dwyer

Rachel O’Dwyer teaches on the MSC for Interactive Digital Media in the  
Computer Science Department of Trinity College Dublin and is currently  
undertaking a PhD in the Department of  Engineering of TCD on mobile  
networks, funded by the Irish Research Council for Science,  
Engineering and Technology (IRCSET). She is founder and Editor in  
Chief of Interference, an online peer reviewed journal of audio  
culture. http://www.interferencejorunal.com/. She is co-facilitator of  
the Dublin Art and Technology association DATA 2.0., an organisation  
for the presentation and discussion of digital art practices within  
Ireland and abroad www.data.ie http://www.DATA.ie. She has curated  
various panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions on subjects such  
as mobile computing, contemporary soundscape ecology, and  
electromagnetic spectrum within Dublin and internationally. He r  
practice-based work includes experiments with locative media, audio  
installation and electroacoustic composition. She has published papers  
on audio culture and various aspects of technology studies with a  
particular focus on mobile sound and network cultures.

Gilles Aubry: Artist Presentation

For the Sonic Theories series, Gilles Aubry will present some of his  
recent artistic works, including Hi-Fi Borders (2010), an installation  
combining a research on the transformation of the Swiss-French border  
within the Schengen context and a critical analysis of surround sound  
technology, Outside of the Plane (2008), an installation based on a  
conversation about airplanes sounds with Egyptian sound artist Magdi  
Mustafa and Reversible Sound Wall (2011), an installation created for  
the outdoor art exhibition “Art en plein Air 2011” in Môtiers,  
Switzerland. These works will serve as an introduction for discussing  
several artistic strategies related to political aspects of sound  
production and reception within various contexts.

Profile Gilles Aubry

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist living in Berlin since 2002.  
Holding a Master’s degree in Sound Studies, his artistic practice is  
based on phonographical and ethnographical approaches of sound  
environments. His compositions and sound installations are informed by  
researches on auditory perception, cultural acoustics, history of  
sound technologies, addressing more generally issues related to  
politics of the audible. In its underlining of the social, spatial and  
cultural dimension of sound and listening through reflexive  
strategies, Gilles Aubry’s work tends to break with a transhistorical  
and atemporal conception of music. His auditory approach of the real  
aims at providing alternatives to visual representations while  
positioning itself within the tradition of artistic documentary  
formats, combining critical discourse and formal researches. His works  
have been published on Absinth Records, Wind Measures Recordings,  
Gruenrekorder, Cronica Elect ronica, Creative Sources, Schraum,  
Conspiracy, Sound Implant and broadcasted on Deutschlandradio, DRS2,  
ABC, Resonance.fm and Giant Ear.

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