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September 15, 2011, 7 p.m.
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna/Austria
With an introduction by Tom Waibel

CONT3XT.NET - Sabine Hochrieser, Michael Kargl, Birgit Rinagl, Franz
Thalmair (eds.): "Content | Form | Im-material", Verlag fuer moderne Kunst
Nuernberg, 2011, 21 x 14,8 cm, approx. 100 coloured images, 264 pages, ISBN
978-3-86984-187-8, with an introductory essay by Steve Dietz

Why is it still easier to get an entire museum collection on the Internet
than to get a single work of Internet-based Art in a museum space? As with
the nature of this question, both aspects have to be taken into account: the
field of Internet-based Art with its characteristics and proponents, as well
as the mechanisms that allow institutions to filter what the public at large
understands to be art. The book "Content | Form | Im-material" analyses how
artistic creation on - and based upon - the Internet and the processes of
its re-formulation in the real space can be developed in order to find
appropriate presentational modes, suitable for both sides - the Internet and
the art world - in favour of interdisciplinary discourse. It also represents
a synopsis of the activities of the art collective CONT3XT.NET over the past
five years, since it was founded in Vienna in early 2006 by Sabine
Hochrieser, Michael Kargl, Birgit Rinagl and Franz Thalmair.
Programmatically, this group of artists, curators and authors - their
different roles and functions sometimes regarded strictly, sometimes as a
fluid continuum - work at the basis of contemporary visual, textual and
networked practices. Always starting from the idea of the context as the
most indecisive and variable but relevant constraint of any situation, the
collective analyses the spatial, temporal, discursive as well as the
institutional framework that conceptual artistic practices are rooted in
today. This book can be read as a loose documentation of projects as well as
a screenshot of tendencies that have emerged and disappeared within the past
few years. Anyhow, it is a protocol of workflows concerned with matters of
content, form and im-material.


[...] At the heart of CONT3XT.NET's exhibition practice are two overlapping
questions: what is the possible relationship of "immaterial" (Internet) art
to material space, especially the white cube of the art world, and what is
the possible role of the curator in manifesting this relationship? [...]

[...] One of the central tropes of CONT3XT.NET's exhibition-as-theory
approach to curatorial practice is the idea of translation. Not
translation-as-decoding, which Warren Waver famously and influentially wrote
about in 1949: "When I look at an article in Russian, I say, This is really
written in English, but it has been coded in some strange symbols. I will
now proceed to decode." [...]

[...] Interpretation is an inherent mode of curatorial practice, and
CONT3XT.NET must decide, generally in collaboration with the artists but not
entirely, how to manifest the form and content of the network recension of
any works exhibited. There is not necessarily a correct answer in this
process - although there may be wrong ones - but there is a kind of feedback
loop between CONT3XT.NET’s interpretive mode and the content of an
exhibition, which is both an instantiation of and a theory about their
curatorial practice as translation. [...]

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Benedikt Skorpik, http://thisisme.at

Josephine Bosma, Mary-Anne Breeze - aka netwurker, Sarah Cook, Thomas
Dreher, Constant Dullaart, Mark E. Grimm, Jeremy Hight, Sabine Hochrieser,
Michael Kargl, Jan Robert Leegte, Mia Makela, Peter Moertenboeck and Helge
Mooshammer, Stefan Nowotny, Les Liens Invisibles, Birgit Rinagl, Franz
Thalmair, Pall Thayer, Marius Watz

Maria Anwander, Anna Artaker, Ruben Aubrecht, Miriam Bajtala, Ryan Barone,
Mary-Anne Breeze - aka netwurker, Charles Broskoski, Codemanipulator®, Arend
deGryuter-Helfer and Aylor Brown, Gerhard Dirmoser, Aleksandra Domanovic,
Reynald Drouhin, Nikolaus Gansterer, Christina Goestl, Jochen Hoeller, Karl
Heinz Jeron und Valie Djordjevic, Michael Kargl, Annja Krautgasser, Miriam
Laussegger and Eva Beierheimer, Jan Robert Leegte, Ralo Mayer, Michail
Michailov, MTAA - M. River and T. Whid Art Associates, Barbara Musil and
Karo Szmit, Joerg Piringer, Lisa Rastl, Arnold Reinthaler, Veronika
Schubert, Johanna Tinzl und Stefan Flunger, UBERMORGEN.COM, Martin
Wattenberg and Marek Walczak

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