[rohrpost] Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk BESIDE THE LIQUID MIRROR

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Son Apr 22 13:11:56 CEST 2012

daniela fromberg & stefan roigk.
beside the liquid mirror.
[casting a shadow is worth it]
9:00 minutes, 2011

The nine-minute “video loop beside the liquid mirror [casting a shadow is worth it]” shows with a fixed camera position a dark, fragmented architecture, on which was projected a video of almost moveless  nighttime stills. By the searching light movements and sudden light changes of this video material a scene full spatial illusions and dream-like visions gets displayed out of the nowhere, to disappear in the next moment. The video projection splits apart on a stagelike situation of bulky furniture and construction materials, so that the spatial scales of objects and projection dissolve almost beyond recognition. In this scene, reminiscent of Schwitters' Merz building or deconstructivist architecture, the two artists handle mysteriously with everyday objects such as balloons, boxing gloves and wings and move apparently through doors where there are none.

Picture and sound level are composed parallel and their equal treatment stands in the tradition of visual music. The sound characteristics of the musique concrète soundtrack consists mainly of balloon sounds that are interwoven with indoor recordings, vocal fragments and concrete sounds. The musique concrète soundtrack creates an obscure swirrling universe by collaging interior field-recordings with vocal fragments and concrete sounds. The dwellers of this world in between seem to interact urgently, though the deliberate ambiguity of the narration represents objectivity and sensitivity at the same time.


"beside the liquid mirror [ casting a shadow is worth it ]" was filmed at the artist residency Hotel Pupik in Scheifling, Austria. It is based on the projected images and soundscape of the video-soundinstallation "liquid mirror casting [ by a charred palace ]" and was inspired by Max Ernst‘s Collage "das schlafzimmer des meisters".

"beside the liquid mirror [casting a shadow is worth it]" received a visual music award honouring prize in 2011. visualmusicaward.de/

the artists.

Multidisciplinary artists Daniela Fromberg and Stefan Roigk are living in Berlin, Germany. Their work deals with the borders between abstract sound collages, installations and video. They combine different types of media like sculpture, sound art, performance, music and video to one single composition. They have exhibited in art spaces and galleries in Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, Spain, Switzerland and Mexico. Their work has been published on several records and presented in classes and talks at academies and public institutions.


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