[rohrpost] EARTHMOVING: A Sierra Zulu Prequel… now ONLINE!

j. grenzfurthner/monochrom (das ende der nahrungskette) jg at monochrom.at
Mon Feb 6 19:42:49 CET 2012

EARTHMOVING: A Sierra Zulu Prequel… short film is online!

Another day at the United Nations Offices in 
Vienna. The Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry 
invited members of the European Protocol Service, 
the UN Strategic Command Center for Central 
Europe, the United States Air Forces and a 
regional politician from Lower Austria to talk 
about the future of Soviet Unter-WHAT?!

Featuring: Jeff Ricketts, Lynsey Thurgar, 
Alexander Fennon, Adrienne Ferguson, Martin Auer, 
Stuart Freeman -- and other delinquents.

HD video:
---> http://www.sierra-zulu.com/earthmoving
(plus team list)

And what's Sierra Zulu?
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