[rohrpost] Fragments of Gestalt (FoG)

Mindaugas Gapsevicius miga at o-o.lt
Mit Sep 5 00:45:50 CEST 2012

Round table discussions @ Kreuzberg Pavillon, Frankfurter Strasse 60, 
34121 Kassel

Wednesday, the 5th of September, 20:00
Thursday, the 6th of September, 20:00

FoG is envisioned as an exploratory expedition of ascending to Kassel 
beginning of September in order to register the creative topology of the 
event (dOCUMENTA). Emerging artists from the Academy of Arts in Cologne 
will cooperate with New York based artist Alicia Grulon, who brings into 
the collaboration her project “Bringing the Bronx to Kassel”.

In a vast landscape of 150+ artworks participants are expected to 
discover unequivocal specimens (of art), classify them in the periodic 
context and extract key communicative elements based on trinary 
structure of material axis (visual aesthetics), ideal axis (concept) and 
semantic axis(referential, narrative). During the course of one week 
young artists will assume roles of the merciless researchers unlocking 
secrets of conceptual art with palpitating zeal, unfolding uncanny 
structures and extrapolating ways of improvement (Verbesserung) of the 
selected artworks. Students will deconstruct selected samples and then 
reconstruct following a hypothetical “exaggeration of key mechanics” 

Alicia’s project “Bringing the Bronx to Kassel” reflects her ongoing 
investigations of social interaction. She will invite visitors to 
participate in round table discussions to reconsider design solutions 
for issues on specific environmental challenges people experience in 
their everyday lives by using the Bronx as catalyst.

Expedition will commence itself with a round-table presentation of the 
curious findings and will be happily exhausted with a full range of 
celebratory strategies.


Jan Goldfuß
Patrick Buhr
Sina Seifee
Maribel Chavez
Alicia Grulon (artist, New York)
Mindaugas Gapševičius (moderator, Berlin)

Alicia Grulon is drawn to situations and locations where power relations 
and cultural pluralism are undergoing changes. Whether through 
engagements of civic action or encounters through activity, her work 
takes into account the use of space as a site of social construction 
where issues of race, class, gender, and activism open. She creates 
situations related to specific challenges in order to observe them and 
see how they unfold.

Alicia holds MFA in Intermedia Art from State University of New York and 
BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She 
exhibited in Andrew Freeman House, El Museo del Barrio, La Marqueta, & 
Rush Gallery.

Thanks to Žilvinas Lilas, who engaged students in FoG and
Kreuzberg Pavillon Kassel

Migrating Art Academies, http://www.migaa.eu
Alicia Grulon, www.aliciagrullon.com