[rohrpost] Einladung zur Ausstellung Transient Luminous von Karen Roulstone Vernissage am Freitag, den 28.09.2012, 19 Uhr

Pavillon am Milchhof pavillon at milchhof-berlin.de
Son Sep 23 20:26:46 CEST 2012

*Transient Luminous // 29.09.12 -- 19.10.12*
Neue Arbeiten von / New works by Karen Roulstone

*Vernissage / Opening: 28.09.12 um 19 Uhr / at 7 pm*
Pavillon am Milchhof // Schwedter Straße 232 // Berlin Mitte

Transient Luminous is a new body of paintings and videoworks arising 
from a residency at ateliergemeinshaft Milchhof e.V., Berlin in 2011.

The videowork explores and transforms diverse light forms moving in the 
studio at Milchhof which are, at times, elusive, mysterious and 
abstract. These fugitive forms, mapped over the course of 7 months, are 
suggestive of fleeting thoughts, spaces of illumination and the 
ephemeral. The light oscillates and moves registering on different 
levels of conscious/psychic recognition whilst creating strange spatial 
and temporal possibilities. The paintings also unfold around this 
engagement with the illumination of ideas through a decisive moment (der 
Augenblick) and its status of being as transient yet full of potential 
and significance.

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog / A catalogue will accompany the 

Karen Roulstone was born in Toronto, Canada and has lived in Toronto and 
across the UK in cities including London, Brighton, York, Exeter and 
Plymouth. She has a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) University of 
Exeter, Master of Arts, York University and a Doctorate in Fine Art from 
Plymouth University. She has exhibited widely including exhibitions at 
Tableau Vivant, Toronto, Canada: ARC Gallery, Chicago, US; Paul Whitney 
Larson Gallery, Minnesota, Minneapolis, US; Art Museum Kyoto, Japan and 
TULCA, Ireland.pavillo


Pavillon am Milchhof
Schwedter Str. 232
10435 Berlin

+49 176 228 503 56