[rohrpost] Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century

Brendan Howell brendan at howell-ersatz.com
Mit Mai 8 01:31:03 CEST 2013

*Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century
performance & book launch**with Brendan Howell & Guests*

//  Location: General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin

//  Date: Saturday 11. May, 2013

//  20:00 Book Launch

//  20:30 Performance with *The Maggot *and special guest writers

//  22:30 Performance - *Text 'n FX *

*Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century* is the latest collective 
novel from the exquisite_code project.  The book was written by seven 
writers, in one day, the process delegated by a brutalist-brut software 
edit machine, known as The Maggot.  The book is available here: 

*The Maggot* is a bastard editor.  It is a software worm that ruthlessly 
delegates and mediates the work of a group of writers, simultaneously 
composing a collective text.  Proceeding in timed rounds, the editor 
automatically forces the participants to submit their work regardless of 
the level of completion or author satisfaction.  The worm then chews 
into the corpus, making holes between existing chunks or picking out 
existing texts in need of further editing.  These newly inserted empty 
passages are then sent out arbitrarily to the writers for another 10 
minute round of labor.  The text is automatically printed out on an old 
line printer, leaving an endless paper record piling up on the floor.

*Text 'n FX* is a DJ mixer for text.  It is a prototype machine 
developed in the 80's for the emerging practice of Hip-Hop.  Instead of 
a DJ mixing two records together, the designers of the device proposed 
the idea of a Text-Jockey (TJ). The TJ acted as a machine-assisted poet 
mashing up lyrics read from two floppy disks in real-time using 
statistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and cut-up techniques from 
experimental literature.  The product never made it to market but it 
exists today as a media-archaeological curiosity.

Invited by Graw Böckler




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