[rohrpost] interdisciplinary summer academy about SPACE and TIME

jula jula_kim at yahoo.de
Mit Mai 8 12:16:55 CEST 2013

Please spread the word!

As always we have been very lucky with our supporters and 
guerrilla-marketing was something very surprising to us. Without you we 
would not be able to reach so many people. Many thanks to all who are 
supporting alternative ways!

PoolPlay is an international summer academy with artistic research on 
SPACE and TIME which is designed choreopraphed or composed. so the 
workshop is open to musicians, architects, dancers, actors, artists ...

     So, here we are again asking for help
     Please spread the word
     (we have translated everything into German, Italian and English)

     01 We have fotos on facebook where you could easily tag yourself or 
others OR you simply share it on your wall.
     02 We have a PoolPlayPoster, which you could print out and paste it 
under the eyes of potential PoolPlayers.
     03 We are open to any interview you would like to take. Feel free 
to contact us. See our presence in other media online.
     04 The easiest thing really is just to twitter www.apply.PoolPlay.eu!