[rohrpost] Call for Participants, Piksel Remote Hacklab: Experimental Communication System Open Workshop, Venice, May 28-29th.

jk j at xxn.org.uk
Don Mai 23 09:41:34 CEST 2013

Piksel Remote Hacklab: Experimental Communication System Open Workshop,

Free 2-day workshop, Venice, May 28-29th, 12pm-late.

Recent studies have shown that the electrical resistance in soil above a 
buried carcass has a different resistivity to that of near by soil due 
to the decomposition of bodily tissue. The body leaves a “real”, 
quantifiable electrical trace when it is dead. Following this idea that 
traces of the dead can be measured via electricity it may be possible 
that these traces can be found elsewhere such as in the electromagnetic 

In this workshop the construction of various electronic devices which 
apparently enhance the possibility of communication with spirits both 
audibly and visibly will be undertaken. Attempts at direct 
electromagnetic induction from such a vitalist earth to human brain will 
be made in the construction of a diy earth-brain interface, along with 
devices such as the Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication Receptor 
(TDC) and other EMF detectors, emitters, and amplifiers.
These will then be applied to Venetian decomposing geo-bio canal soup 
mixes in a final experimental communication system performance.

The workshop is free. Places limited to 10.
May 28 - 29th, 12pm - late.

Officina delle Zattere,

Fondamenta Nani 947, Dorsoduro

30123 Venezia, Italia

rsvp x at xxn.org.uk