[rohrpost] Ein offener Brief an die MitarbeiterInnen des BND

Tobias Rosenberger tobiasrosenberger at hotmail.com
Don Okt 24 16:49:34 CEST 2013

Lieber Tilman Baumgärtel,

FYI und vertraulich:
als ich vor 2 
Wochen einen unerwarteten Anruf aus Pullach bekam, zögerte ich nicht 
lange und nahm den nächsten Flieger nach Frankfurt. Zusammen mit Csongor
 Dobrotka (Kamera) traf ich Malte Scholz(BND/AOC) in einer Suite im 
Hilton. Jetzt mit 27 Minuten Videomaterial zurück in Shanghai, arbeite 
ich gerade in einem chinesischen Fernsehstudio an einem exklusiven 
Feature für 


	Seeking   Speaking the Truth. 
Bei Interesse schicke ich gerne ein Preview Video. Hier ein paar Auschnitte:

 I came here I thought about it, a long time. I knew I couldn't keep 
silence anymore, no way. So I decided that if I am going to tell the 
truth, i am going to go all the way. One hundred percent, no secrets 
anymore. i made up my mind that no question is going to stop me. That's 
what I do now. If you want, i will testify for hours. I answer 
everything you are asking to the best of my ability. I will make you 
understand how the whole system worked, got developed over the years, 
and how you couldn't single one person out. It was everybody. Everybody.

 can feel for the NSA. I understand what it is, and where it is. They 
made the same choice all made, to work for the security and well-being 
of the nation. Then they started to become more important in recent 
years and it got out of control, and the apparatus got bigger and 
bigger. Now they have no choice. They have to keep hiding, to keep 
trying to convince people to move on. They can't go back. They can't 
tell the truth. They are trapped."
 boss was an encyclopedia of information: Schmidt knew all the stories, 
even at places where he hadn't been. I had no idea how he stayed so 
connected, but man, he had sources. He constantly collected data on how 
foreign analysts were tasking, what hackers they were working with, and 
what methods they favored, and he liked showing off his knowledge. 

 might say: Fucking Chinese. First quarter of the year, and their whole 
economy shows up fucking loaded to the gills. Fucking flying. Loaded to 
the gills meant boosted by industrial espionage. We had a whole 
language: We called industrial spying shengqi, which is Chinese and 
means juice or vitality. We also called it DanDan noodles, vitamin E, 
therapy and J., which was short for J. Edgar Hoover. I can't remember 
who thought of that one, but we liked it. Gonna speak with J. Gonna 
visit J. My old buddy J.

Schmidt would poke fun at the Chinese, 
but beneath was a thread of seriousness. He respected their agents and 
their professionalism. They were a team that clearly had their program 
together. They had a fleet of experienced analysts, good hackers, and 
they had immediate access to all national Internet service providers. 
Schmidt wanted us to be more like the Chinese.

Two years after the training started our team was sent to Beijing."
 was where the British came in. We were standing in Schmitt's kitchen 
when he lined out the plan: the AOC would cooperate with NSA and GCHQ, 
who just had wiretaped all trans-atlantic glass fibres crossing Great 
Britain. Whenever we needed informations, a system called Absorbance 
would zip through the global traffic and make a dropoff. Simple. 
Quick-in and out. No risk. To be discreet, Absorbance wouldn't be 
communicated to all departments; it would just be accessible for 
Homeland Security, Anti-Terrorism, Organized Crime and Economical 
Welfare. The ones who needed it most and would provide the biggest bang 
for the buck. But that was not the whole story. The system had its 
hidden backdoor, a secret trick that did not only allow to task and 
read, but to modify and write as well. Aside from Schmitt and one 
contact person in the ministry, our team was the only one at the AOC 
aware of it and trained to use it. The Chinese could search us all day 
long and they'd find zero. Schmitt practically glowed when he told us 
about the plan - he loved this kind of MacGyver stuff. 

wasn't about to sit back and hope things worked out; he was going to 
make it happen. He was incapable of being passive, because he was 
haunted by what others might be doing. This was the same force that 
drove him to work 72 hours without break, to be finicky about details, 
to be ruthless in response to attacks. It came from the outside, his 
fear that someone else was going to outthink and outwork and 
outstrategize him. I came to think of it as Schmitt's Golden Rule: 
"Whatever you do, those other fuckers are doing more. Remember, these 
guys are stone-cold killers.”
Stone-cold killers. That’s how Schmitt 
saw the world. He believed everyone around him was 100 percent ruthless.
 And his way of thinking worked well. It delivered results. Schmitt 
didn’t agonize or hesitate over cutting out his supervisors; he simply 
did it. He didn’t agonize over cutting out validation processes, not for
 a second. Whatever it took to have success."

Coming soon:
Capitalism & Cybernetics I, THE SECRET RACE

								Single-Channel-Video, based on Tyler Hamiltons Autobiograpy "The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs"

						With Malte Scholz (from Pullach) as 
Tyler Hamilton, "Schmitt" + "The NSA" as Lance Armstrong, "The Chinese" 
as Team Festina and "Other Fuckers" as Other Fuckers

						Camera: Csongor Dobrotka

					Germany/China 2013, 27 + X minutes

						Language: English

Viele Grüsse,

Tobias Rosenberger

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