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Directors Lounge Screening:

Jonathan Rescigno
Destination Indefinite
Video work

Thursday, 24 April 2014
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Johann Rescigno works with a documentary approach 
towards his films, while transmuting into 
fictional stories. His starting point are 
day-to-day issues of his close surroundings, 
which then can shed the light to some greater 
matter. At the time he combines narrative methods 
with elements of early Avant-garde and Nouvelle 
Vague. His search for a personal language and 
expression beyond the documentary school urged 
him to progress from earlier studies at film 
school to art school in Metz and further to "Film 
and Creative Documentaries Direction" in 
Strasbourg, where he finished his Master. His 
pictures combine a sensitive research of places 
and people with an essayistic image-oriented 
montage creating open and atmospherical 
depictions that give to the viewer space for 

In his films, Rescigno keeps coming back to 
themes concerning the region Lorraine, where he 
grew up. Lorraine used to be the prospering 
French coal mining area, connected with the 
German Ruhrgebiet by the so called Montanunion 
(European Coal and Steel Community) after the 
Word War II. With deindustrialization, the region 
has undergone difficult changes still under way. 
The films of the artist investigate questions of 
identity in the changing post-industrial 
landscape, and when the term migration is at risk 
to change meaning in French society.

The artist will be available for Q&A.

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