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> Horror Vacui  _ Call for Participation
> Horror Vacui can come up everywhere. All you need is an empty space.
> Nothing will happen, nothing is to be shown, there will be nothing to buy,
> the exhibition will have no success, neither. Personal presence is not necessary, no
> documentation nor artwork is demanded. No presence is demanded. The choice of artists is
> completely arbitrary , the list of participants will be published at a later
> date.
> Horror Vacui is an open group exhibition and can be rented.
> The names of the participants will be read in a reading performance called 
> "Name Dropping" on 26th of April 2014, the place - in Berlin - will be communicated later on http://www.i-a-m.tk/coming-soon.html.
> The Berlin Horror Vacui is the second edition of a project developped by Ilse Ermen and performed at the Basel off space "eiskalt" in 2007. The second edition is realised in cooperation with the Berlin based "Institut für alles Mögliche".
> Artists interested in participation can subscribe by sending an email to ermen[at]datacomm.ch until 25/4/14, or simply reply to an email if coming from ermen[at]datacomm.ch.
> Please forward this email!
> http://www.i-a-m.tk/coming-soon.html
> http://www.ilse-ermen.com
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horror_vacui_(physics)
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