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Oliver Grau Oliver.Grau at donau-uni.ac.at
Sam Mai 17 15:12:29 CEST 2014

Video Art Event, V-th edition 
White Canvas



Canvas: video art project that will be held within the halls of the
military garrison of  Oradea;
at present, the building is to be rearranged to shelter the collections
of the TariiCrisurilorMuseum. The venue was
chosen due to its neutrality as a basis for the curatorial concept: the
the fundament and the context where the artistic act sets and develops
In its attempt to move from the pictural
canvas to the profecting screen, the concept of White Canvas aims at
applying a new frame: the idea of
-      The sequential and temporal dimension of the film image
will be borrowed from the static feature of the painting ( and vice
-        The support issue brings along the problem of
intensifying the virtual artistic content that will populate the screen
as a
consequence to the assumed artistic decision; this will endow the
artistic act
with an apparently unlimited freedom but will lso appeal to both
abstract and
sensorial reasoning. 
         -Video art as art manifesto explores the real mostly in a
critical way,
with its own means; it has  as basic
static support the place of the artist as related to the artistic
-    Thus, the support issue brings into discussion the
issue of the context of the artist’s perspective, a fact that leads
to the
introspective aspect of questioning the creative act. The virtual
space, the
white space of innocence, perfection, honesty, purity, neutrality,
light and
exactness will be contaminated by the personal aesthetic experiences
through his perspective.
The reason for discussing the concept of White Canvas is to propose
video images
that will open a whole new interrogative horizon for the viewer and
where he
stands in relation with the video art and the world to which this art
 Curator׃Univ. Prof.
Assoc.Dr. Gabriela-Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas
Video Art Event, V-th edition
White Canvasvideo art
event will be presented from 15
th to 16 th May 2014from
18-21 PM within the days of Ţǎrii Crişurilor Museum in
Oradea,University of Oradea – Departmentof Visual
Arts, Faculty of Arts, Romania
and on June in Italy at  Visual Container,  box Videoart Project Space
visualcontainerorg, visualcontainertv, dotboxit
Organizers:   University din Oradea Faculty
of Arts– Departmentof Visual Arts, (Romania)
                      Visual Container, Milano (Italia),  
    Conflux Oradea(Romania) http://videoartevent.wordpress.com/.
                     The Museum of MuzeulŢării Crişurilor .
Oradea(Romania) http://www.mtariicrisurilor.ro/