[rohrpost] The Lisbon Centennial Peirce Workshop (1839-1914): The Actuality of Peirce’s Thought, Nov. 10-11, 2014, Lisbon

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Fre Nov 7 14:05:08 CET 2014

enter for Philosophy of Science of University of Lisbon

The Lisbon Centennial Peirce Workshop (1839-1914)

10th and 11th of November 2014

The Actuality of Peirce’s Thought

Org. by Alexander Gerner and Nuno Nabais
(Strategic Research Line: Philosophy of Human Technology)

Auditorium of the Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences, C1 Building,
3rd floor, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon Campo
Grande, Lisbon

10th of November 2014

14h00-17h00 Frederik Stjernfelt (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Actuality of Peirce’s Doctrine of Dicisigns
(Booksession & Debate)

11th of November 2014

10h00-10h30 On the Actuality of Peirce’s Thought - Roundtable

with Olga Pombo (CFCUL), Nuno Nabais (CFCUL), Alexander Gerner
(CFCUL), Mats Bergman (Unversity of Helsinki), Frederik Stjernfelt
(University of Kopenhagen)

I  Contemporary Applications of Peirce

10h30-11h00 Alexander Gerner (University of Lisbon, Portugal) - Notes
on the debate on “cognitive, social and moral enhancement” from a
Peircean Perspective

11h00-11h30 Carlos Oliveira (UT-Austin | Portugal International
Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, CoLab) - Algorithmic
Expressions of Biogrammatic Abstractions

Coffee break

II Abduction and its applications

11h45-12h15 Fabio Sterpetti (Sapienza University Rome, Italy) -
Scientific Realism, Abduction and Evolutionism

12h15-12h45 Andrés Rivadulla (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain)
- Abduction in observational Natural Sciences. Some Examples of IBE in
Palaeontology and the Earth Sciences

III Digital Companion to C.S. Peirce

12h45-13h05 Mats Bergman (University of Helsinki, Finland) -
Presentation of Resources and tools for Peirce studies “Commens.
Digital Companion to C.S. Peirce”: http://www.commens.org/

Lunch break

IV Mind and Perception

15h00-15h30 Marta Caravá (University of Bologna, Italy) - The role of
material symbols in Clark’s “Extended  Mind  Theory”: a  philosophical
critique from Peirce's semiotic

15h30-16h00 Pierre Luc Dostie Proulx (Catholique University of
Louvain, Belgium) - Getting to Reality Through Perception: A  Peircean
Account of Epistemological Realism

Coffee break

V  Rhetoric, Normativity, Propositions

16h15-16h45 Mats Bergman (University of Helsinki, Finland) -
Normativity in Peirce's Rhetoric

16h45-17h15 Henrik Rydenfelt (University of Helsinki, Finland) -
Norms,  Emotions  and  the Causal  Question

17h15-17h45 Frederik  Stjernfelt (University  of  Kopenhagen) - The
Unity of Propositions 18h end of Workshop