[rohrpost] Emerging research on Facebook-Native Politicians - Live Hangout Q+A Dec 3/4

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Don Nov 20 14:47:10 CET 2014

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Dec 3/4 virtual Q and A:


I have a completely fresh case study to share on what I am calling
"Facebook-Native Politicians."

Imagine if the new majority elected to your city council were on
Facebook from their teen or college days - a decade of engaging
socially online before becoming an elected representative.

This is the new wired Minneapolis story. Seven new council members,
elected at an average age of 33. This is a Facebook story and NOT a
Twitter story.

My 30 minute presentation starts just 5 minutes in:


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Huge thanks to Involve and the Centre for the Study of Democracy at
the University of Westminster for hosting this event in London last
month. The UK local councillors and Dan Jellinek provide some great
context and contrasting views in the full webcast (which is nicely

If you want to see further research and lesson sharing on this topic,
please get in touch: clift at e-democracy.org - I'd like to build this
out further and build a bridge across practitioner and academic worlds.

Finally, if you know of other "Facebook Native Politicians" who engage
constituents online, please introduce them to me so I can invite them
to connect with their peers around the world: clift at e-democracy.org

Steven Clift

P.S. I view these Facebook engaged mostly local elected
representatives as a crucial bridge for the open government movement.
Most of them haven't heard much about "open government data" etc., but
they have a digital openness and engagement instinct. My thought is
that we should aggressively seek to connect with them "where they are"
online in order to introduce them to the wider world of open
government. This is why ironically, an engagement space on a closed
system like Facebook Groups is needed:

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