[rohrpost] Lectures of “Challenges of Digital Art for Our Societies”: Keynotes - LEV MANOVICH

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Mit Mar 9 14:50:21 CET 2016

Department for Image Science presents
Conference Lectures "Challenges of Digital Art for Our Societies"
MUMOK, Vienna
Lev MANOVICH (New York): Archiving and Analyzing Digital Art the scale
of Big Data
Lev MANOVICH explores how digital art and technology has fundamentally
changed how we perceive and interact with images, outlining a framework
for cultural analysis using big data analysis and its visualisation as a
'medium.' Also discussed are the characteristics of visual social media
relevant for the study of cultural and social patterns, including
questions of connectivity and engagement; how exceptional events are
represented in social media platforms and how social media can be used
to predict socio-economic indicators; the visual signatures of cities,
their sampling and aggregating images from social media platforms; and
large-sample mapping of cultural fields such as those of news media such
as "Time" Magazine, the MoMA photograph collection, and artistic
movements such as that of the French impressionists.
Lev MANOVICH is professor at CUNY Graduate Center, USA, Director of the
Software Studies Initiative at the California Institute for
Telecommunications and Information Technology (http://manovich.net/). He
is author of Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database (MIT Press, 2005) and
Software Takes Command (Bloomsbury, 2013). The Language of New Media
(2001) was reviewed over 50 times and can be regarded as one of the most
far-reaching media histories since Marshall McLuhan (Telepolis). In 2004
MANOVICH was included in the list of 50 "most interesting people
building the future" (The Verge), and in 2013 he appeared on the List of
25 People Shaping the Future of Design. At present, MANOVICH
investigates strategies of visualization of Big Data in the sciences and
Department for Image Science, Danube University, Austria
ADA – Archive of Digital Art http://www.digitalartarchive.at