[rohrpost] fully funded media art & design PhD position - University of New South Wales, Sydney suburbs

Tamiko Thiel tamikothiel at gmail.com
Di Nov 15 20:43:12 CET 2016

Hi - dieses Mal auf Englisch, weil es um eine Stelle in Australien geht:

This came from Rewa Wright, herself a PhD candidate with Prof. Anna 
Munster and a very insightful scholar of new media art.

Please contact Prof. Munster directly. - Tamiko


Rewa (r.wright at student.unsw.edu.au) says:

This is a fully funded scholarship for up to 4 years for a new PhD 
student.The Department of Art and Design at UNSW, where Anna and myself 
are based, is a very pro-female, multicultural, LGBT-friendly workplace 
and I would highly recommend it. Research funding in Australia is quite 
generous ( usually about $26,000 PA ).

UNSW is located in Paddington, a suburb of Sydney, Australia

Professor Anna Munster says:

I have a scholarship available to a PhD student for 3 years (and the uni 
will fund the 4th year extension). But I need a special kind of person. 
I need someone who can or is capable of learning some database 
programming skills / wants to experiment with data rendering/data viz 
AND is over media studies and/or STS or critical visual cultural theory 
or even political theory/ software studies etc. In some ways this is a 
bit more like a ‘science’ PhD model but of course I would allow quite a 
lot of creative outcomes for the person concerned.

If you know of anyone who wants to come do a PhD with me but is willing 
to work more on a specific project - specifically looking at the 
technological and visual histories of machine learning/pattern 
recognition and neural networks and to find a way of tracing and 
visually rendering that history in a meaningful (not infographics) way 
via data analytical methods as those assemblages conjoin with political, 
social and cultural forces across some specific empirical domains 
(facial recognition, for example)–  please let me know!


Anna Munster
a.munster at unsw.edu.au

Associate Professor,
Faculty of Art and Design
University of New South Wales
P.O Box 259
NSW 2021 Australia

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