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On Air

Quick theses on “on air“, time and broadcasting dreams + a download

Airtime theoretically and practically offers a »meta subjective« and non-individual actionism/activism insofar as every broadcast could be compiled – even down to a matrix of seconds – from several audio media from a library fed by actionists/activists. This got to be no collective DJing, but why not? Actionism must not end in activism. The World Radio Day comes closer ... and “Radio is [really] You!“?

Concerning a colaborating radio, understood as an associative, controversial social field and not as an array or a simple corporative heavy roation or productions of singulars, such “open broadcast software for scheduling and remote station management“ (manual Airtime 2.5.1, 2017) exactly deals with a techné which is form, content and organisation at the same time – some three of the elements of the political dimensions of for instance frequency radio, streaming, podcasting, audio demand, real time and or live etc.

“Same time“ of course does not mean time is simply inherent here. It goes NOT without words: one has to organise or just get such time which is equal money equal material equipment. But the problem is not just equipment, like a sort of printing press, as some radio maker was saying in Berlin at the radio meeting “#zwcm2014“ near the river Spree. Questions of infrastructure can not substitute political issues, but changing structures can change the politics of radio.

Jochen Fasco, director of the TLM (Mediaboard Thuringia, Germany) in 2014 was giving the audience, packed with free non-commercial radio producers, the dystopian advice to take over when public media would fail in crisis. What does this lead-in mean playing such a second fourth estate?:

The dream of free radio activists, extended by 1 hour airtime with a MPC-Clap[1]

The Mediaboard Berlin-Brandenburg has spent almost € 27 millions in support of free radio, discussions on politics of media and other purposes. Of it € 23 millions went to 10.004 radio projects including 4.200 audio workshops and 5.000 documentations the Mediaboard informed. The grants would have adressed more than 128 thousand participants.
Further the broadcastings had reached about 14.5 million listeners in 2016. In Berlin and Brandenburg subsequently additional radio soviets had been found.

Download or stream MP3 “dream of free radio activists“, orig. traumfreierradiomacher.mp3 (in German, no password required): 

[1] This text is a translation of a rewritten text taken from a teletext by German TV _3sat_ February 1, 2017. The original German rewrite :

Der Traum freier Radiomacher, verlängert auf 1 Stunde Sendezeit mit einem MPC-Clap

Das Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg hat im vergangenen Jahr fast 27 Millionen Euro für die Förderung freier Radios, medienpolitischer Diskussionsrunden und weiteren Vorhaben ausgegeben. Davon seien 23 Millionen Euro in 10.004 Radioprojekte geflossen, darunter 4.200 Audioworkshops und 5.000 Dokumentationen, meldete das Medienboard. Die Fördermittel hätten mehr als 128 Tausend Teilnehmerinnen angesprochen. 
Die Radiosendungen hätten 2016 rund 14,5 Millionen Zuhörer erreicht, hieß es weiter. In Berlin und Brandenburg hätten sich daraufhin weitere unabhängige Senderräte gegründet.


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