[rohrpost] Punk Not Dead in Estonia - Two docs about the Tallinn-Berlin punk connection/August 8, 2018 8 p.m. Lichtblick-Kino

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So Aug 5 09:24:35 CEST 2018

**August, 8 2018, 8:00 p.m. Lichtblick-Kino, Kastanienallee 77, 10435 
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg**

German Premiere
In cooperation with Estnische Botschaft Berlin 
und Lichtblick-Kino Berlin <https://www.facebook.com/lichtblickkino/>.

Two documentaries about punk then and now in Estonia - and the 
Berlin-Tallinn punk connection. Screening in the presence of Peeter 
"Pets" Männiksoo (protagonist), Julia Tomberg (editor) . Hosted by 
Joonas Vagonen (author).

Double feature ticket: EUR 10,-

Ticket presales: 

The films:

Director: Taavi Arus
Original title: Pets ja Berliin
Duration 33' /with English subtitles

Bowie, who lived in Berlin in the seventies, describes his life in 
Berlin as “moving around in virtual anonymity... For some reason, 
Berliners just don't care.” Peeter "Pets" and Berlin are partners that 
support one another. Peeter says that there are a lot of people like him 
in Berlin: “This place attracts people like me because you can be your 
true self. Berlin doesn't judge you for who you are. Berlin accepts you 
the way you are. You don't see this in a lot of other cities. You won't 
see such attitude in Estonia!” Without a doubt, Berlin is Peeter's home 
and Peeter is a part of Berlin. Peeter is still active in a band. “If 
you are a punk-rocker, you are always in a band. Even if only in your 
thoughts.” Pets has created new songs and he wants to record them. Every 
once in a while he goes to Estonia to record some songs with his friends 
from legendary band Nyrok City 
<https://www.facebook.com/Nyrok-City-116236045092720/>. Lately, it 
happens less often but that only makes those encounters even more 
heartwarming. Old friends never lack conversation topics, because urban 
chameleon and city mystic Peeter, as friends describe him, has always a 
plenty of stories to tell. About life and Berlin and of course about 
life in Berlin.
It is a story about a man's survival in the city, which offers him 
almost motherly care. It is a story about loneliness, struggle, and 
freedom. It's a poem about Pets and Berlin.

Director: Indrek Spungin | Taavi Arus
Original title: ENAM KUI ELU <https://www.facebook.com/enamkuielu/>
Duration 73'/with English subtitles

Freddy Grenzmann is the last Estonian rockstar. He is a poet and singer 
in the punk-rock band Psychoterror 
<https://www.facebook.com/psychoterror.bank.rock/>. The term rockstar 
stands for a phenomenon that is outside the norms of tradition and is 
larger than life. What can be said about Freddy is that he is not normal 
neither on stage nor in life. The energy that flows through his veins 
has not enough room in his body.
His creation and life are the same. He seems to be someone with 
everything always at stake. He seems to be constantly walking on the 
edge. What makes Freddy interesting is not social or textual love for 
the game, but the quantity he has put into the game, the probability of 
losing oneself totally and the depth of indicative humane or 
metaphysical anguish.
This is a story about the last rockstar and poet, his work and anatomy 
of a punk band.

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