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Di Jul 31 11:12:48 CEST 2018

Hallo rohrpostler,

die Berliner Gazette (BG) startet den Call for Registration (CfR) für
die BG-Jahrestagung, die dieses Jahr den Titel AMBIENT REVOLTS trägt.
Man kann sich jetzt für fünf verschiedene Workshop-Tracks anmelden, die
politische Handlungsfähigkeit in Zeiten von Autokraten und KI erkunden
werden. Alle Infos weiter unten und auf dieser Website:

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Join the workshops at the AMBIENT REVOLTS conference! Register by
October 20!

The growing interconnectedness of everyone and everything is
transforming our world into an unprecedented techno-social environment.
The boundaries between atmosphere and politics are being suspended;
already, tiny ruptures can cause cascade-like repercussions – think of
cyber-attacks or stock market crashes, right-wing resentment or
hashtag-based protest. Such ambient revolts are increasingly driven by
artificial intelligence (AI) – involving human interaction but seemingly
beyond human oversight. Set against this backdrop, the conference poses
the questions: What are the techno-social logics of both regressive and
repressive tendencies? What are emancipatory movements up against? What
potential do micro-political acts have in day-to-day life? What
regulations of automated systems at the macro level will enable
democracy to emerge in the age of AI? The Berliner Gazette conference
will explore these questions in the context of performances, lectures
and workshops. The 18th edition of this annual Berliner Gazette event
will be held for the second time in collaboration with the ZK/U – Center
for Art and Urbanistics and will take place on November 7-10, 2018.

*Register + join workshops*

The conference workshops will bring together more than 100 activists
from all over the world. The BG will invite key actors from the
international scene to form the core of the five workshop tracks, and
will issue an open call for the general public to register.

This open call for registration targets (up-and-coming) hackers,
journalists, activists and researchers. A limited number of participants
is able to register by contacting the following email:
info at berlinergazette.de Deadline: October 20. Registration fee: 50 Euro,
incl. catering. Please note: As the five workshops will be running in
parallel,  everyone is invited to commit to a single track. On November
8-10, the workshops will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The
conference hosts will provide catering throughout the entire conference,
including a warm lunch. A series of guided city walks is planned for
lunch breaks!

To tackle the key issues of the conference, five parallel workshop
tracks will offer five different approaches for a pragmatic critique of
citizenship as a framework for political participation, addressing the
following issues: “Re-Coding Populism?”, “Challenging the Capitalocene”,
“Involuntary Community”, “Unlearning Learning”, “Hacking the Urban Backend”.

The workshop groups will communicate before the conference in order to
flesh out the workshop design collaboratively. Led by experienced group
leaders, participants will be invited to come up with possible answers
to the questions outlined in this project paper. The results will be
made available as online resources by Berliner Gazette: they may include
position papers, multimedia storytelling projects and collections of ideas.

*Workshop Tracks*

*Re-Coding Populism*
Right-wing populism (and populism in general) thrives on social media,
which amplifies the voices of the extremist few rather than the voices
of the many. Can the top-down logics of demagogy be reversed or even
transgressed for democratic ends? This workshop tackles the rise of
right-wing populism in the context of social media and explores the
potential of proto-populist bottom-up approaches such as liquid democracy.

*Challenging the Capitalocene*
Capitalism has turned most of its operations into a quasi-automated
matter. If algorithms operate according to discriminatory categories
(race, ethnicity, gender, etc.), then how does discrimination play out
in capitalism's automated processes? What are strategies against
dehumanization? This workshop tackles the connex of automation,
dehumanization and discrimination in AI-driven capitalism.

*Involuntary Community*
Under the conditions of all-encompassing interconnectedness, right-wing
populist moods can spread in a quasi-contagious fashion. What role do
system errors, glitches and other (planned or unplanned) disruptions
play in this context? Can the surprise element of unforeseen
(dis-)connectedness gain a political valence? This workshop explores new
potentials for emerging solidarity and community.

*Unlearning Learning*
Self-learning systems define our age, thereby changing also the domain
of learning. AI-driven social media are coming to provide
pseudo-classrooms. Meanwhile traditional media are losing their
authority as ‘educational institutions’. What is the present and future
of pedagogy? What kind of unlearning needs to be done vis-à-vis
self-learning systems? This workshops explores the politics of
(un-)learning in the context of AI and self-learning systems.

*Hacking the Urban Backend*
In today’s smart city the urbanite is challenged to negotiate her/his
entanglement with the programmed environment. What does this mean for
political action? Is public space still available or is the arena of
political intervention being relocated to the invisibilized backend of
the city? This workshop politicizes the rise of the smart city and
searches for means of appropriation.

*More info* http://ambient-revolts.berlinergazette.de

AMBIENT REVOLTS is the 18th annual conference of the Berliner Gazette.
This project is a cooperation with ZK/U – Center for Art and
Urbanistics, funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education/
bpb, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Rosa
Luxemburg Foundation.

*Contact us* info at berlinergazette.de


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