[rohrpost] International Conference: VIOLENCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE (Tyumen State University, Russia)

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Do Okt 4 22:29:30 CEST 2018

Forwarded by the vice-director for international relations at the
Institute of
Social Sciences and Humanities, Tyumen State University, Ekaterina

VIOLENCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE (Tyumen State University, Russia)

October 11

9:30 - 10:00    Registration
10:00 - 11:00  Introduction
*Valery Falkov (Rector), Igor Chubarov (Director)*

11:00 - 14:00  First panel discussion
*Lev Manovich* Artificial Intelligence, Aesthetics and Future of Taste
* Oliver Grau* Media Art Histories and a Political Iconography of
Information Societies
* Maurizio Ferraris* Documental violence
*Jan Krasni *Dispositif of Digital Violence. Theoretical Reflections
Implications of Digital Turn

15:00 - 17:00  Reproduction of military discourse: old and new media I

* Aireen Grace Andal* Coercive non-violence? Revisiting the rights of
children in conflict with the law in the Philippines
* Anna Baskakova* Metaphysical grounding of Violence: Walter Benjamin
Simone Weil
* Tatyana Vorozheva* Gazliding as a hidden form of violence (by the
of military propaganda of 1914-1918)
* Anna Davletshina* The concept of war in the reflection of the Soviet
Austrian Jewish intellectuals between world wars
* Elena Zykova* Violence on prisoners of war: Representation in the
on the Example of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo
* Inna Kruglova* The nature of the sacrificial act: J. Bataille, J.
Baudrillard, R. Girard

                        Visualisation of Violence and Media Art I

* Panos Kompatsiaris, Yiannis Mylonas* The rise of Nazism and the Web:
Social Media as Platforms of Racist Discourses in the Context of the
Greek Economic Crisis
* Elena Mikhalkova, Irina Pupysheva* Humor as a Tool and Object of
Manipulation in the Digital Age
* Ksenia Fedorova* Affects of coding. Ethical in the Art of Closed
* Dmitry Bezuglov* "The ship left to die" Forensic Architecture:
Medusa "from media art
* Matthias Meindl* Why punk prayer is not hate speech?

17:30 - 20:00  Reproduction of military discourse: old and new media

*Andrei Menshikov* “Confrontation of Principles”: the First World
War in
the philosophical pamphlets of 1914-1917.
* Ekaterina Nemenko* Violence as an absolute event in the structure of
everyday life (for example, the TV series "Twin Peaks")
* Alena Rusova* Picture of a woman on a military patriotic poster of
* Diana Satybaldina* Reproduction of the militaristic discourse of the
First World War on the example of sports media of the beginning of the
20th century
* Ekaterina Cherepanova* Newspaper as the personification of the new
era in
the works of K. Jaspers and G. Broch of the interwar period
* Ekaterina Kirsanova* Habitualization of war: patriotic graffiti and
visualization of militaristic discourse.
* Olga Yazovskaya* Nationalist rhetoric in Japanese literature of the
half of the twentieth century: the emergence of new trends, wartime

                        Visualisation of Violence and Media Art II

* Maxim Alyukov* Taming Information Tide: Political Cognition and
in Media
* Vladimir Bogomyakov* Soft Violence in the Digital Age
* Sergey Grigorishin* Expropriation of physical space as an example of
digital violence
* Daria Antipova* Aesthetics of screen violence as a result of the
development of virtual technologies
* Marina Chistyakova* Bio-art as violence
* Kirill Yandulov *Rebuilding Violence: A Version of Art & Science

October 12

10:00 - 13:00 Second panel discussion

*Petar Bojanic* What is the police? About universal institution
* Massimo Palma* Observation on violence and domination in Max Weber's
"Economy and Society"

13:00 - 15:00 Archeology and Genealogy of Violence I

* Daria Khokhlova* Ghost in the Shell: becoming a cyborg as a strategy
* Olga Zakharova* Why Mumu was drowned again: axiom of repressive act
* Irina Pupysheva, Alexey Ivanov* Maps, Meeples, Two Cubes: Violence
Games and Violence of Games
* Igor Muravyov *Aesthetic and Religious Terrorism
* Ksenia Ivanova* Online protests: the new ethics of the information
society or its mutations
* Mikhail Vitushko* The Topology of MediaReality: Understanding a
Subject in "Flowing Spatiality"

                        Social and Political Aspects of Violence I

* Olga Andreeva* Films and series about maniacs: psychological
characteristics of perception in the audience of the age category
* Maria Bogdanova* Violence and gender: the impact of Monster High
dolls on
the self-perception of girls
* Elina Gavrikova, Natalya Kaiser-Danilova* Translingual as a sign of
liminal culture
* Alexey Deev, Svetlana Chernomorchenko* Trolling: psychological
and inversion of discourse
* Alexey Loginov* Aporia of violence: war and harmony
* Angelina Mitryasova, Sergey Lysov* Violence and Tolerance
* Julia Murzina *Genealogy of violence: a psychological approach to
* Svetlana Obolkina* Ontological ultimatum and the nature of violence

16:00 - 18:00  Archeology and Genealogy of Violence II

* Temur Kadirov* Heinrich Boll on the occurrence of violence and its
* Tatyana Kruglova *“The Man of War” in the Soviet culture of the
paradoxes of the militaristic discourse. On the example of works of
biographical documents of A. Gaidar and his modern reception.
* Oleg Naumov* Sacralization of violence in the works of Georges
* Vadim Rusanov* Overcoming Violence in the Cinema of Dziga Vertov of
* Daniel Kokin* The Use of Hannah Arendt's Ideas on Violence in the
* Gulnara Bayazitova* Power and violence: one experience reading

                        Social and Political Aspects of Violence II

* Andrei Latyshev* Ideal violence is the basis of an ideal society
* Stanislav Romakhin* Gender based violence in the digital age
* Arthur Sergeev* Theoretical approaches to explaining the origin of
* Lyudmila Suvorova* Monstrosity as an attribute of media
* Polina Khramtsova* Cyberbulling: Persecution in the Digital
* Jacob Shabalkov* Ethical assessment of violence and its regulation
the digital virtual environment
* Anton Yazovskikh* Axiological bases for solving the problem of
* Elena Yarkova* Semantic origins of modern terrorism

18:45 - 21:00  Public discussion "Violence and Messianism"

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