[rohrpost] TONIGHT: Radically Subjective - Directors Lounge Screening at Mitte Media Festival

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Fr Apr 19 14:08:33 CEST 2019

Heute Abend:

directors lounge at mitte media festival
radically subjective 
curated by klaus w. eisenlohr

Friday, 19 April 2019 at 21:00
Fata Morgana Gallery
Torstr. 170
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
U-Rosenthaler Platz 

Radikal Subjektiv
Experimenteller Film und Video aus Berlin

Directors Lounge:

Komplette Playlist:


A selection of Berlin filmmakers and artists who 
are friends of Directors Lounge and who have been 
screening their work on several occasions. 
Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

Berlin is turning into a filmmaker's city again. 
We are not talking about mainstream cinema, but 
in terms of experimental and art production, 
there is a considerable growth. There are new 
places for film and video, new collaborations and 
a growing continuity. Directors Lounge is a proud 
part of it. Many of the new works strive for a 
radical subjectivity, a presence by virtue of 
their images. The tradition of experimental film 
becomes renewed maybe in a turn against 
tendencies of documentation and documented 
activism in art. With a world out of joint, a 
search for a genuine form and subjective 
expression may be more important than before.

Reality, or rationality, for the sake of theory, 
may also be described as a form of radical 
subjectivity, following Keith Lehrer (American 
philosopher on epistemology), as it cannot be 
constituted only by knowledge and empirical 
evidence. Rationality is also based on an active 
construction of a world view, or a radical 
commitment to contemporariness. There is a 
reason, why dictators and anti-democratic 
movements mostly have turned against the 
contemporary art of their time, which also 
applies to right-wing populists, and religious 
fundamentalists. Subjectivity, image production 
by compositing, blending and merging create new 
views onto reality. Sometimes, however, it just 
needs a specific light, or the combination of two 
images in film montage in order to create a 
radically different view.

These films are radically subjective in a way 
that they constitute reality, or a contemporary 
world. The work of Deborah Uhde ("cockpit" 2014) 
looks at the developments around the subterranean 
nuclear depots of Sasse as a story of science 
fiction. Johnny Welch, on the other hand commits 
himself to a radical exploration of blackness in 
his video "Discharge Working II" 2018. Björn 
Speidel ("Wanderlust Iteration #1") works with 
3-D illusions, which not only create an illusion 
of space, but sometimes also of rotation. 
Gabriele Stellbaum films ("Heretofore") seem to 
be narratives, but they turn into essays about 
contemporary human conflicts. Mélissa Faivre 
("Underneath it all") combines images to a stream 
of conscious and subconscious passage ways. Petra 
Lottje ("Kollwitz Goethe") makes a self-portrait 
of Käthe Kollwitz speak a quote by J. W. Goethe 
using animation techniques.

Radikally Subjektiv Playlist:

1 Jos Diegel, Unendlicher Spannteppich (Des 
VIP-Empfangsraums) DE 2018 35mm Experimentalfilm 
DV 0:45sec
2 Petra Lottje, Kollision DE 2019 50sec PREMIERE
3 Margarita Novikova, while deriving a nightmare formula, 2017, 3:00
4 Björn Speidel, Wanderlust #1, stereo3D, bw/anaglyphic, sound, DE, 2018 9min
5 Maria Korporal, Dust Thou Art, 2017 DE 3:32 min
6 Johnny Welch, Discharge Working II (16mm, DE 2018) 5:00 Min,
7 Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Remember, 2019, DE, 9:22min
8 Dagie Brundert Pep Ventura, DE 2018 2:30min
9 Simon Tyszko, abacadraba (Haunting David Ellis) 3:57min
10 Deborah Uhde, cockpit, 2014, DE, 12:11min
11 Gabriele Stellbaum, Heretofore DE 2017 05:10min
12 Angela Christlieb, In an Alien Land, 2017 DE 7:41min
13 Deborah Phillips, Nach Osten Schauen, DE 2019 2:23 min
14 Melissa Faivre, Underneath it all, DE 2017, 4:41min


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