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Do Jul 4 22:15:11 CEST 2019

Photography Summer Class at Photocentrum
Berlin Green Spaces
VHS, 10969 Berlin, Wassertorstraße 4

One week, starting from July 22
Directed by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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Currently, there is a wide discussion about 
Berlin as a good example of a "green city" even 
though much of its open green areas have been 
vanishing in the last few years.This photography 
workshop will discover some of Berlin's green 
urban spaces in relation to place, body and 
space. We will visit some iconic places of urban 
green of Berlin, as well as some more unknown 
places that are on the verge to vanish or that 
have been erected just recently. The Pfaueninsel 
(Peacock Island) was built in Prussian times with 
the ideal of landscape, which is a concept 
related to English 19 century painting. With this 
ideal of garden architecture in mind we will look 
at very new public gardens.

We will also some explore some vanishing places, 
the importance of "wasteland" in the city and 
some new examples of community gardening or 
guerilla gardening in the city.

In practical terms, we will research spatial 
compositions, body relations, local lights and 
shadows, and the impact of distance and proximity 
taken with different lenses. Concepts of "figure 
and space", "axes of view" and "containment of 
space" will be examined in visual terms. 
Discussions of the work in class and of 
contemporary photographers will broaden our 
senses. Requirements are: your own (digital) 
camera, good experience in photography, and the 
passion to experiment. A Berlin travel card for 
public transport is highly recommended.

- A photography workshop in English at Photocentrum, directed by
Klaus W. Eisenlohr.
Photocentrum of Gilberto-Bosques Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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