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01-30 April 2020

NewMediaFest2020 4

WOW Jubilee IV – The 1st Corona Festival


NewMediaFest 4 – is the 4th edition of a media art retrospective
(2000-2020) – running in an exchange between virtual and physical space
between 26 December 2019-31 December 2020. Now due to the global Corona
crisis the virtual space is currently remaining as the 1st Corona Festival,
which can be experienced completely online -

By installing the virtual “Darkroom”, WOW Jubilee IV is presenting the
videoart programs curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (CologneOFF,
artvideoKOELN, The W:OW Project including the curators Marina Fomenko, Ynin
Shillo, Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Erick Tapia, Roland Wegerer, Gioula
Papadopulou, Antonio Alvarado, Georgi Krastev, Paulo B. Menezes, Eirini
Olympiou) as they had been screened @ Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles/USA
in the years -2014 – 2016 – 2018 now streaming online, complemented by
online features in digital art –

-              *Videoart*

-              *Albert Merino* as the videoartist of the month APRIL 2020,
honouring a collaboration with the artist since more than 10 years by
presenting 10 of his outstanding video works

-              *CologneOFF 1* – Identityscapes – the 1st edition of Cologne
International Videoart Festival launched in April 2005 – a selection of
“The Best of…” focus on gender identity

-              *Kinema Ikon* – curated by Calin Man (Arad Art Museum) 2011
is presenting a selection of a platform for experimental film initiated in
the 70ies of 20th century during the Ceausescu dictatorship as a kind of
system resistance, unique art historical documents

-              *Netart*

-              *Jody Zellen* as the netartist of the month April 2020,
honouring 20 years collaboration with the artist by presenting 6 basic
netart works, which are as current as they can be concerning
availability,  technology
and topic

-              JavaMuseum netart features – presenting one exemplary by
each of the selected artists - Reiner Strasser, Sachiko Hayashi, Maya
Kalogera, Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet, Katie Bush, Santo_file, Simon
Fildes & Katrina McPherson, Yucef Merhi, Talking Birds

-              *Soundart*

-              *SoundLAB I* – the 1st edition of SoundLab Channel – a
platform for sonic art projects initiated in the framework of the global
networking [R][R][F] Project as it was presented @ BEAP 2004 – Biennale of
Electronic Art in Perth/Australia featuring curatorial contributions by Zoe
Drayton Tobias Van Veen, John Kannenberg, Eva Sjuve, Juan Antonio Lleó

Each festival edition is only complete through – *The 365 Days Diary* –
publishing each day another article about the “making of” of the networked
creations by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, including additional programs of
digital media – videoart, netart, soundart- and related interviews. In this
way, NewMediaFest2020 is constantly growing.

Still available online on – http://2020.newmediafest.org

The 1st NewMediAFest 2020 edition started on 26 December 2019  in Addis
Ababa/Ethiopia honouring the collaboration with Ezra Wube & Addis Videoart
Festival and the curators Simone Dompeyre, Tahir Ün, Eirini Olympiou,
Madhuha Mukherjee and Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

The 2nd edition in February 2020 was featuring curated contributions by
Parya Vatankhah, Raivo Kelomees and Yarina Butkovska – videoartist of the
month: *Henry Gwiazda* – netartist of the month: *Patrick Lichty*.

The 3rd edition in March 2020 starting on 1 March in Cologne @ Halle
Zollstock was featuring “The 7 Memorials for Humanity” – a media art
context realised between 2001 and 2020 and in particular participating
artists from the Rhineland region and the Cologne twin-cities Tel-Aviv and
Bethlehem- videoartist of the month: *Shahar Marcus* – netartist of the
month ; *MEZ – Mary-Anne Breeze* – soundartist of the month: Cologne
based *Peter
Wolf* and his sonic art ensembles.

NewMediaFest2020 – WOW Jubilee IV – the 1st Corona Festival

released a PDF catalogue – to be downloaded from



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