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Mi Jun 16 07:27:09 CEST 2021

ACI Live Event with Dani Ploeger, 18.06.2021, 8pm CET


Presenting the art project "A Space War Monument" Dani Ploeger will give 
a presentation on his new work A Space War Monument, a land art 
performance commissioned by the Kuwait National Pavilion at the Venice 
Architecture Biennale on occasion of the 30th anniversary of the end of 
the Persian Gulf War (1990-91). At this online event, organized by Art 
Claims Impulse, he will share some insights on the background, context 
and realization of the work in the Kuwaiti desert.
The Gulf War has become broadly known as ‘The First Space War’ because 
of the prominent use of GPS-technology, ‘smart bombs’, stealth aircraft 
and other advanced technologies by the US military and their allies. 
However, philosopher Jean Baudrillard has suggested that this 
understanding of the war as a clean, high-tech affair has been 
constructed through media representations. Hardly anybody knows what 
really happened on the battlefield in the Kuwaiti desert, because news 
reports almost exclusively originated from heavily controlled and 
redacted press sources embedded with the US military. For this reason, 
he provocatively stated that ‘the Gulf War has not taken place.’
In this context, A Space War Monument connects the Gulf War’s high-tech 
dimension to a low-tech aspect of the conflict – the use of bulldozers 
as assault weapons by the US military – which have remained largely 
unacknowledged in official narratives. Ploeger commissioned a 
GPS-controlled bulldozer to erase remaining traces of the war in the 
Kuwaiti desert. This civilian machine brings together high- and low-tech 
aspects of the Gulf War, while drawing attention to the 
cross-contamination of military and civilian technological innovation: 
After the Gulf War, the bulldozer was the first construction vehicle 
that was equipped with GPS technology.

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