[rohrpost] Coalesce residency call for applications - Center for Biological Arts at the University at Buffalo, USA - Deadline: June 10, 2022

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Coalesce: Center for Biological Arts at the University at Buffalo, USA - 
Application open for an Interdisciplinary Residency

Deadline: June 10, 2022

Coalesce: Center for Biological Arts (www.buffalo.edu/gem/coalesce) is a 
hybrid studio laboratory dedicated to enabling hands-on creative 
engagement with the tools and technologies of the life sciences, and is 
a major facet of the Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of 
Excellence (GEM) at the University at Buffalo. Coalesce is currently 
accepting proposals for Biological Art residencies, accepting 2–3 
residents (or collaborative teams) per academic year. A residency is 
active for the entire year, however actual periods in residence will 
vary and should be mutually agreed upon by Coalesce and the artist. 
Residencies span a minimum of one month and we encourage residents to 
stay for two or three months as they will likely be learning many new 
techniques and biological experiments often require long incubation 
periods. UB is committed to diversity and inclusivity and encourages 
applicants from traditionally underrepresented groups to apply. Each 
resident (or collaborative team) will receive technical support, access 
to laboratory equipment, an artist fee of $1000, up to $1500 in 
laboratory materials and supplies, and up to $1000/month toward travel 
and accommodation costs.

Access to Laboratory Equipment
In the Coalesce lab you will have access to a sterile hood, fume hoods, 
an anaerobic glove-box, a gassing station, a thermocycler, an autoclave, 
incubators, water baths, electrophoresis equipment, DNA 
transilluminators, a digital imaging station, a bioinformatics station, 
centrifuges, dissecting and compound microscopes, and other equipment.
UB is a premiere research institution that contains many facilities 
across the arts and sciences for imaging, analysis, processing, 
visualization, machining and fabrication of all kinds with which 
researchers are encouraged to engage. Coalesce residents will have 
access to many of these services, including Sanger and next-generation 
sequencing, spectroscopy, electron, confocal and fluorescence 
microscopy, and many others.

Structure of Residency
• Each resident artist will pair with a scientist at UB who will advise 
broadly on a strategy to complete the work and assist with the process 
of ensuring environmental health and safety compliance.
• Residents will have access to the research laboratory.
• Coalesce staff will provide training, assistance and consultation.
• Residents will have access to a range of university services for the 
duration of their residency.
• Residents will present their work at least once during Coalesce 
monthly discussion forums or lectures, and conduct a one-day workshop.

Selection Criteria
Quality and originality of proposal. Feasibility of project. 
Applicability to our community strengths: genomics, environment and 

Application Procedure
As part of your submission, please prepare a single PDF file containing 
the following:
1. A description of the proposed project (500 words.)
2. An artist statement including links to previous projects and their 
relationships to the proposed project. This statement may
also include information relevant to UB’s commitment to diversity and 
inclusivity (500 words.)
3. A description of the specific components of the project to take place 
at Coalesce and a rough timeline. Be sure to
specify if activities are to take place primarily in the Fall or Spring 
academic semester.
4. A two-page curriculum vitae.
5. The names and addresses of two references.
Submit this proposal via the application form at 

Review of applications will begin on June 10, 2022. Applying by this 
date will allow the fullest consideration of your proposal. Applications 
received after June 10 will be reviewed monthly on a rolling basis. 
Questions may be directed to Paul Vanouse, Director of Coalesce.

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