[spectre] .N.tentions regarding the _arc.hive_ mailing list.

][s][.Urge.Protect.][or][ netwurker@pop.hotkey.net.au
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 20:49:45 +1100

D.fine:: moderator:

::any sub.stance used 2 slow down neutrons in nuclear reactors
::some1 who presides over a for][e][um or d.bate
::some1 who mediates dis.][ras][put][ins][es & attempts 2 avoid violence


[.obviously the criteria 4 moderation on the _arc.hive_ list doesn't slide 
easily][d.finitively][ in2 any the categories listed above.

.the x.pectation that the _arc.hive_ list frol.licks under  -in terms of 
moderation- is that there won't actively ][need 2][ b any....in terms of a 
heavy handed force from above that will fix or sweep, pick or 
chastise....in my own naive fas][c][hion, i'd like 2 ass.zoom that an 
m.plicit respect 4 others will allow 4 x.quisite list-meaning 

.hopefully, this list-fodder ][ie everyday list 2-&-froing][ will b guided 
by this underlying, m.plicit respect -4 the value of both the other 
subscribers/posters as well as the content of the posts.]


[......this isn't 2 say that the list should be sanitised, nor 
that  _arc.hivers_ should d.liberate or over-cogitate 2 the point of 
soul-solidification b4 posting ][unless that's yr bent, of course][, as i 
value][hold dear][ the opposite as well, the n.stinctual reactive 
text-flick.....but wood pre.furr it doused with that latent respect 
nuancing @ all times......]

[.others may knot think the best f][r][iction, d.bate, critique etc needs 
this n.herent respect quota in order 2 manifest.

.it's a guideline i'd lurve 2 think x.ists in the _arc.hive_ unwriting, but 
this ][hopefully][ won't ][kneed][ b n.forced in terms of regular moderator 


[.the list ][as it currently][ functions a][i][s a net.n.cremental-catcha.

.all that is classed by regular comm mechanics as textual refuse, 
x.perimental pap, l.ements 2 b filtered or ig.gnawed r welcome here -as r 
x.pressions we have come 2 x.pect of a burgeoning net.wurk in terms of 
cohesive infodata -such as d.bates.s.sues, announcements, tendrils, etc...

.the ][post][mix won't cater d.wreck.lee 4 every x.pectation, but hopefully 
ppl will take/contribute wot they will, N b content 2 cross-ova in terms of 
content & action.]


[.wot martin & i had in  mind when n.nitializing this list was the need 2 
offa an altern.ah.tiff 2 x.ist.ant][hive][ methods of net.wurk formulation 
][in terms of theory & shape.age of][.

.i hope ewe'll all feel comfortable posting @ _arc.hive_, & that we can 
c][p][re][d][ate all things net.


2 subscribe.


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