[spectre] Rise and Decline of the Syndicate-SOME THOUGHTS

KINGA ARAYA kika@alcor.concordia.ca
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:35:42 -0500 (EST)

Dear Inke and Andreas,

I have been a rather 'silent' member on your ex-Syndicate list. After the
unpleasant events with Miss nn et al., I abandoned the Syndicate list and
I gladly joined the Spectre list you created. I do appreciate time you
took in writing to all of us about the summer events on the old Syndicate
list. I actually did not have a clear idea what was really going on except
that I was sensing that SOMETHING was going wrong with the virtual
community you created. I did not know who the nn-crowd was and what they
really wanted.

Even though I was not a very active member of the Syndicate, I always
appreciated the pieces of information you provided. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO
ANDREAS and INKE FOR YOUR WORK. And since I am an artist and a doctoral
student who is always 'on the run', I regret that fact that when nn
abusive e-mails where polluting my e-mail box I was simply deleting them
and kept going on with my busy life in-between languages, countries and
cultures. (I do not live on internet).

Your e-mail Inke MADE ME understand that the silence of the members is no
longer possible. Yes, we DO have certain responsibilities to each other,
we-virtual and invisible specters. I think that your e-mail touches on a
very critical issue of ethical and aesthetic responsibilities of virtual
e-mails that have never been dealt successfully (at least to my

Well, now when I finally CAME OUT what would be my/our next step?

I believe that all the Spectre subscribes share certain responsibilities
to each others (it is already voiced in Inke's mail) and I am not sure
what to propose given the large number of member of Specters. We cannot
send each others personal e-mails and start interdicting each other - it
would create a virtual chaos! But I strongly believe that we have to DO
something.  As a flamboyant artist I would say: "Hey, who/where are you?
Let's go for a drink and talk about art!" Unfortunately it can only remain
a rhetoric call.  The only thing I CAN do right now is to VOICE my virtual
presence more often on the Specter's list because I have great respect to
people who work very hard to make sure that we get important and wonderful
information about our cultural and political status quo.

Thank you and best wishes to Inke, Andreas and all the 250 (+) member of
the Specter,

Kinga Araya (an interdisciplinary artist currently working and studying in
Montreal, Canada)