[spectre] Kinga Araya´s comment

clement Thomas - pavu.com ctgr@free.fr
Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:02:41 +0100

dear list,

the THIS version of syndicate story is written. Done !
It doesn't mean there are no others.

I simply notice that spectre is never more alive than when discussing about
Syndicate case.
Is there no rising spectre ?

you inke and andreassito would better not eat the bear before you shoot it
down !
Syndicate is still a largely frequented list, and you insult syndicate people
by your childish attitude.
Did you ever believe you were seigneurs in this networked world ?

You did insult me.
I simply drop your stone back to your garden, before i throw the big one to

with no greatings to you, unfair citizen of the network.

clément Thomas

Kathrin Becker a *crit :

> Dear Inke, dear Andreas, dear Kinga,
> I totally agree with that plus same question......
> very best
> ka be
> I have been a rather 'silent' member on your ex-Syndicate list. After the
> unpleasant events with Miss nn et al., I abandoned the Syndicate list and
> I gladly joined the Spectre list you created. I do appreciate time you
> took in writing to all of us about the summer events on the old Syndicate
> list. I actually did not have a clear idea what was really going on except
> that I was sensing that SOMETHING was going wrong with the virtual
> community you created. I did not know who the nn-crowd was and what they
> really wanted.
> Even though I was not a very active member of the Syndicate, I always
> appreciated the pieces of information you provided. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO
> ANDREAS and INKE FOR YOUR WORK. And since I am an artist and a doctoral
> student who is always 'on the run', I regret that fact that when nn
> abusive e-mails where polluting my e-mail box I was simply deleting them
> and kept going on with my busy life in-between languages, countries and
> cultures. (I do not live on internet).
> Your e-mail Inke MADE ME understand that the silence of the members is no
> longer possible. Yes, we DO have certain responsibilities to each other,
> we-virtual and invisible specters. I think that your e-mail touches on a
> very critical issue of ethical and aesthetic responsibilities of virtual
> e-mails that have never been dealt successfully (at least to my
> knowledge).
> Well, now when I finally CAME OUT what would be my/our next step?
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