[spectre] Re: SPECTRE digest, Vol 1 #102 - 7 msgs

clement Thomas - pavu.com ctgr@free.fr
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:46:03 +0100

// apologies for self promoting insults providing promotional lessons //
[ I cc to syndicate for this is about it too ]

David Blair a *crit :

> >I simply notice that spectre is never more alive than when discussing about
> >Syndicate case.
> >Is there no rising spectre ?
> Welcome, as always, Clement, but
> well, gee, as they say in the movies, this list may be more than a bit dead
> or deadly professional, but it seems to me that you are almost never more
> alive here than when you visit with Bile-Colored glasses from the land of
> Honest Folk.

ben voyons.
(helps you practice your french)

> >I simply drop your stone back to your garden, before i throw the big one to
> >follow.
> um, Maitress! Clement has stones!

I also have Chardens for the boronalian you too.

> ok, now i have  insulted you. but let me just say that one of the real
> problems of the previous collapse was the use of endless and gratuitous
> insult and injury [otherwiseknownasflaming, to be secretive].... so please
> wash your hands before you pass the bread.


> >with no greatings to you, unfair citizen of the network.
> speaking no good french at all, I  however appreciate your play, turning
> greet into great into grate. But frankly I prefer have the slight hum of a
> slow list to more insults, good morning, good afternoon, and good night.

I'm never tired of wood spoken words.
please come back whenever you want, next time you have a special promo rebaxas
kit avec le petit seau et la pelle.

> David

Pute Pussy and the Funky Ogre