[spectre] spectres partially uncovered?

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck@transmediale.de
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 09:52:11 +0200

dear sally,

>I'm perplexed that we have to go to such measures to preserve anonymity,
>when what we're trying to uphold/ relaunch (or at least as I see it) is a
>quality of dialogue. What reasons do people have for not wishing to publish
>their identities?

honor's question came on my suggestion - i thought it would be more polite
to ask before we post that list (from which honor kindly edited the domain

maybe more importantly, the postings to the list get archived in a public
archive, which would mean that - if we don't obscure the addresses - the
list would be an invitation for spammers to use it.

greetings from sunny, cold berlin,