[spectre] anatomy of a list

honor honor@va.com.au
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 13:02:51 +0000

michael, et al,

 >So I guess what I'm saying, a few spectral words to fill the seas. 
They're what we're using, in
 >the end, to link worlds, addresses with or without suffixes, and the 
data-clusters of the >contemporary Aegean, still struggling for democracy 
under white columns planted in wretched >refuse beside teeming shores.

greetings and sincere notes of gratitide to michael for one of the most 
lyrical and evocative emails i've had all year. thanks for reminding me / 
us that these occasional lingual gems, gleaming in the murky and swirling 
textual dissolve, are one of the best things about being able to talk to 
each other in this way ...