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Nils Claesson nils@x-i.net
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:19:44 +0100 (CET)

Bergen is going cool.
As cool as cool will be in Norway.
The music scene is getting hyped, MTV are devoting special time to cover=20
Bergen and groups like the famous R=F8yksopp are starting to sell records.
But under the hype and the somehow ill fitting coolness the development o=
the Bergen scene is a result of things that started in the dance and perf=
scene in the end of 80ts and beginning of 90ts when groups like Baktruppe=
n and
places like Teatergarasjen was formed and made Bergen the place (In Norwa=
for contemporary dance and performance art.
Now Bergen is taking lead over Oslo even in the field electronic arts.
The name of the place is Landmark.
Landmark is a way of distributing new media art in a social environment w=
people socialize.
Landmark is a laboratory; it deals in one way with the problem Eric Satie
pointed out when he wrote his music for furniture, to create art in a=20
partial hostile environment.
Landmark is a room specially designed for new media, it has a bar and it=20
has excellent video-projectors and sound systems.
Naturally the place is always on line, (http://www.lmark.no).
Landmark has been created as a collaborative effort between BEK, Bergen=20
centre for electronic arts ( http://www.bek.no) and Bergen Kunsthall.  Lo=
Art hall.( quite big)
BEK is an artist run media lab.
One of the roots in the Landmark concept was when artist and programmers
participated in The =93Caf=E9 9=94 project last year. Part of =93Caf=E9 9=
=94 was online=20
performances and dj-ing. J=F6rgen Larsson one of the founding members of =
BEK and=20
responsible for Landmarks programming explains that =93Caf=E9 9 =93defini=
tely created=20
the taste for more and the only way to still the hunger and create respec=
t for=20
media art was to make its one venue.
Still electronic arts are not really respected in Norway, many people sti=
ll se
it as boyish techno masturbating.
Landmark is here to be a new land mark.
Now keystroke festival is taking place at Landmark. It started the 26 and=
continue until the 6 December.
22 artist will participate in a mix of streaming events.
Connecting Bergen with Toronto, Berlin, Holland and other places.
Also a newly written book over new media by Grete Melby one of BEKs most
trigger-happy members is getting distributed on the monitors of Landmark.
It is possible to follow and participate in the key-stroke festival=20
Landmark has a great potential and the Baltic/Russian scene with all its
streaming and audio-experiments could benefit from this new venue.
And if you by chance have ideas for Landmark. Do not hesitate to contact=20
J=F6rgen Larsson at
Mail: larsson@bek.no.
By the way the name Landmark came from an architect in Bergen called=20
He designed quite a few modernist buildings in Bergen, structures needed =
make a contrast to the nice, neat and idyllic.

Nils Claesson

Artist and filmmaker and Coordinator for PNEK
The production network for the electronic arts of Norway

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