[spectre] The Thing in trouble

Josephine Bosma jesis@xs4all.nl
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:55:02 +0100

For those of you that have not seen this yet, The Thing needs a new

>From the The Thing site:

"After receiving legal threats from the Dow Chemical Corporation, our
internet access provider, NTT/Verio, has made an unprecedented move
against free speech and activism by unilaterally terminating its
contract with thing.net. 

We now have less than 50 days to find a new provider and relocate all of
our services. 

thing.net has been the primary service provider for activist and
artistic organizations in the New York area for 11 years.

Please help us to create an autonomous network less vulnerable to
corporate pressures and censorship. 

Click here to make a donation via PayPal"