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Matrix: Intersections In Art and Technology
A course running over five Monday evenings, February - March 2002


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18 February, 25 February, 4 March, 11 March, 18 March 2002
1830 - 2000 [ GMT ]

McAuley B Studio, Level 1, Tate Modern, London, UK


As part of Tate Modern's Interpretation and Education programme, a course=20
on art and technology will be held over five Monday evenings this February=
and March. Matrix: Intersections in Art and Technology aims to give an=20
overview of new media art, providing participants with a technical and=20
theoretical understanding of its varied practices, as well as opening up=20
aesthetic, philosophical and political questions.  It is tutored by leading=
critics, art historians, curators and artists in the field.

The fee is GBP =A360 (concessions =A345)

[ This includes admission to SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL a seminar held on=20
Saturday 9 March in the Starr Auditorium at Tate Modern=20
<http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/programmes/events3.htm> ]

Bookings are now being accepted for this course.
To book tickets to attend, please ring Tate Ticketing on: 020 7887 8888 or=
email <tate.ticketing@tate.org.uk>.


The advent of digital technologies has arguably been the most important=20
development for contemporary art practice since the invention of=20
photography. New media art has recently been the subject of major=20
exhibitions in Europe and the USA. At the same time the use of remote=20
technologies is allowing artists to move beyond the gallery to exhibit and=
distribute their work, severing a reliance on traditional institutions, and=
catalysing new social sub-cultures and networks. New forms of artistic=20
practice are emerging, which are entirely specific to digital culture.
This course takes a closer look at some of the issues art and technology,=20
attempting to place its diverse practices in a art historical, technical=20
and theoretical context.

18 February: Beyond the Technical
Tutor: Clive Gillman
[ Lead artist at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool ]
This session will provide a clear introduction to the terms and technology=
employed by artists in the creation, distribution and display of new media=

25 February: Probing History
Tutor: Charlie Gere
[ Course Director of MA Digital Art History, Birkbeck University of London ]
This session will examine the role of computers and other technologies in=20
the history of art, probing the origins and precursors of contemporary art=
and technology practice.

4 March: Internet Art
Tutor: Julian Stallabrass
[ Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute & author of the book, =91Internet Art=
=92 ]
This session examines work made specifically for the internet, looking at=20
what distinguishes it from other forms of contemporary art.

11 March: Art and Social Networks
Tutor: Eric Kluitenberg
[ media theorist & project coordinator, De Balie, Amsterdam ]
This session will how have new media artists used networked spaces such as=
the airwaves, the internet and satellite networks as sites for artistic=20

18 March Innovation & Momentum
Tutor: Peter Ride
[ Director of Digital Arts Agency, Bristol & Lecturer at Westminster=20
University, London ]
This final session will ask how the speed of technological innovation=20
impacts on artists working in new media.

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