[spectre] Re: connection [meta done mez]

.dirtee codah. netwurker@hotkey.net.au
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 20:10:12 +1100

At 07:07 PM 1/26/2002 -0800, you wrote:

>n.oth][er][ing b.twixt screenor minds. my attn deaf.I.cit is easily 

>the wretching sway in the dirgital wind, each link.dividual partially 

>a sensor][rhee.um][watches, alarmed n code.dead.
>a self.phone rings, n.terpellated as synnerz switch in2 hertzsong.
>ae heartificial umberto.ecosystem of dirgital d.sires, lowing in sonorous 
>ae artifictional womb.

>ah.rom][e][a  ;;taste      ;;imac      ;;reelity.

>mages beef the cell.ul][n][ar in.tell.leckt, driving the bru-ha.ah
>fixitive in its crust.

>we kneed, knotting & fearing wizz.dumb & its cap.ability
>2 store data furtively, cropping witches & whirring genetically
>n.gine.][dog][eared & hi-fied possibles, lvls of hokey wealth.
>gined 2 the gills N dangerous;; predicating the viroidment rather than 
>re:;;   acting.
>the sy.stem.ical wurld is full.
>y lurch in2 li][nked][fe when you can crystalline it ?
>grama of simulcra;;  the x.plyings of a new.clearing,
>the autistic creation... misfueled.

. . .... .....
.][E][mot][E][ion capt][l][ure.goes.here.

.... . .??? .......