[spectre] Leonardo Call for Papers on the Cultural Roots of Globalization

Annick Bureaud annickb@altern.org
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 11:55:55 +0800

Leonardo Call for Papers on the Cultural Roots of Globalization
        The editors of Leonardo seek papers about the cultural roots
(artistic and scientific) of globalization. Possible topics include, but
are not limited to : 
 -  Planet Earth as artistic material 
- Creolization (phenomenon of “métissage”, transnational cultural relationships)
- Global climat (a sensorially experience of the climat as possible
corrective of global thinking)
- Migrations (mobility in general)
- Geography in a globalized world (places, cities, continents, world
regions, approaches to space and time in general)
- Transportation  in a globalized world (travel poetry today in a world
with different means of transportation)
- Internet and tele-technologies in their planetary dimensions
- Net Art, telematic art and planetary issues
- Overview Effect (eg use and consequenses of GPS and satellite technologies)
        The Guest Editors for the project are: Julien Knebusch, Annick
Bureaud and Roger Malina.

A Leonardo Working Group for the project includes : Roger F. Malina,
Annick Bureaud, Hervé Fischer, Jacques Arnould, Bernardo Cinquetti and
Julien Knebusch.
Material published on line as part of the project can be found at
http://www.olats.org (projet singulier “Fondements Culturels de la Mondialisation”).
        Interested authors should contact guest editor Julien Knebusch
with proposals at : 

        Please note : Leonardo features  articles written by artists
about their own work, but we are also seeking  articles by theorists,
historians, and other scholars addressing how the work of artists and
scientists  has interacted with trends towards globalisation.
        For authors Editorial Guidelines  see: http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-journals/Leonardo/isast/journal/editorial/edguides.html

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