[spectre] Re: was: Eurepression. is Sex.

Lachlan Brown lachlan@london.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 18:17:00 +0000

Kraftwerk indeed. Rate mah butt.

Thanks Andreas for pointing out that there are 500 European 
Digital Arts 'Professionals' {seems an important innovation
in the field of net.art) reading this list.

Yes, I'll change the subject from Techno-Fascist Existential
Angst to Sex, <blush>matthew fuller</blush>, an area barely 
considered in the entire history of net.art (despite some 
vigourous efforts by the founders of the genre early on). 

The whole point of my posts has been to emphasise that we 
went through post-nihilist existential angst in
North West England in 1978 so that you do not have to in
the Noughties. Can we have Wiemar before Munich please!


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