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Andreas Broeckmann (Berlin)

Lecture and presentation:
Transmediale: Art plays global!

Globalisation has become an unavoidable fact. Economy, politics, society and
culture are unfolding in a global network. In the global game, only the
individual room for manoeuvre varies. The Berlin-based international media
art festival *transmediale.03* (1-5 february 2003) presents art
Projects which play with the utopias and the dystopias of a global culture.
Play global!
Andreas Broeckmann, artistic director of transmediale, introduces the theme
of the upcoming festival and presents a preview of projects that will
feature at transmediale.03.

Andreas Broeckmann (*1964) lives and works in Berlin. Since the autumn of
2000 he has been the Artistic Director of transmediale - international media
art festival berlin. Broeckmann studied art history, sociology
and media studies and worked as a project manager at V2_Organisation
Rotterdam, Institute for the Unstable Media, from 1995-2000. He is a member
of the Berlin-based media association mikro, and of the European Cultural
Backbone, a network of media centres. In texts and lectures he deals with
post-medial practices and the possibilities for a 'machinic' aesthetics of
media art. [http://www.transmediale.de][http://www.v2.nl/abroeck]

Lecture is organized with the support of Goethe Institute and Museum for
contemporary art in Belgrade

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