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Mon, 16 Sep 2002 23:52:53 EDT

From: Amelia Jones

Subject: Curator of Digital Media

The University of California, Riverside is seeking a Curator of Digital Media 
for their California Museum of Photography Department. The Curator's primary 
responsibility will be to provide direction, stimulate growth and teach/lead 
a full range of educational activities in the Digital Studio. Applicants must 
possess: knowledge and experience with trends and production of photo-based 
digital media; understanding of how these new technologies could be suitably 
presented within an educational/museum environment; and administrative 


From: Danny Butt

Subject: Fibreculture - Call for Publication Contributions

Fibreculture is an Australiasian-based forum for the discussion of internet 
theory, criticism and research. This year the reader will take shape as a 
free magazine and separate online journal to engage a wide range of audiences 
with interests in new media. General articles on any aspect of new media 
culture are welcomed including: new media activism, surveillance and the 
'creative industries'. Submissions must be less than 1500 words and may 
include reviews, commentary, opinion pieces and feature articles.

Deadline: 20 September