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Joel Chadabe joel@emf.org
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 17:51:23 +0200

Electronic Music Foundation
Special Notice
September 17, 2002

In collaboration with Leonardo and MIT Press, and in celebration of
Leonardo's 35th year of publication, we're delighted to announce that
we are able to make available several past issues of Leonardo and
Leonardo Music Journal. This is an extraordinary opportunity. These
issues are an exceptional resource for understanding the development
of electronic music and media art through the years.

Roger Malina, Executive Editor of Leonardo, writes:

"Leonardo was founded 35 years ago to champion the work of artists
and composers involved with new technologies. Since then, we've
published work by more than 4,000 artists, scientists, engineers and
scholars. These were the pioneers that laid the groundwork for
today's new media explosion.

"Today Leonardo is documenting the work of artists involved with the
new biologies, with new materials and nanotechnologies, with art in
zero gravity. We are pioneering new artforms appropriate to the human
condition in the 21st century."

Specific information about these Leonardo issues is available at:


Nic Collins, Editor of Leonardo Music Journal, writes:

"Leonardo Music Journal provides a print platform for sonic artists,
acccompanied by an audio CD that juxtaposes diverse music in a
pleasurable package.  Within each issue's thematic rubric we strive
to represent a broad range of stylistic voices -- academic and
non-academic, experimental and traditional, pop and
miles-away-from-pop -- but we are always trying to ferret out the
unheard and underappreciated."

Specific information about these Leonardo Music Journal issues is available at:


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