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Geert Lovink (Sidney, Amsterdam)

The Cult of Surveillance Paranoia
The Impact on New Media Networks

The days of cyberutopia are over. After the dotcom crash and 911 an
atmosphere of general uncertainty has taken over the Internet. What effect
do surveillance, hacktivism and infowar discourses have on cyberculture at
large? Is the emphasis of artists and activists on surveillance creating a
culture of suspicion and paranoia, an atmosphere of distrust? This lecture
will look into the example of the collapse of the Syndicate mailinglist
network in August 2001 and discuss the difference between information
warfare and net.art strategies. Also it will look into possibilities of
weblogs to filter out the 'trolls'.

Geert Lovink (1959, Amsterdam), media theorist, net critic and activist,
based in Sydney, studied political science on the University of Amsterdam.
He is member of Adilkno, the Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal
Knowledge, a free association of media-related intellectuals established in
1983 (Agentur Bilwet auf Deutsch). Most of the texts of Adilkno in Dutch,
German and English can be found at http://thing.desk.nl/bilwet. He was the
co-organizer of conferences such as Wetware (1991), Next Five Minutes 1-3
(93-96-99) http://www.n5m.org, Metaforum 1-3 (Budapest 94-96)
http://www.mrf.hu, Ars Electronica (Linz, 1996/98) http://www.aec.at and
Interface 3 (Hamburg 95). In 1995, together with Pit Schultz, he founded the
international 'nettime' circle http://www.nettime.org which is both a
mailinglist (in English, Dutch, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Romanian and
Chinese), a series of meetings and publications such as zkp 1-4, 'Netzkritik
' (ID-Archiv, 1997, in German) and 'Readme!' (Autonomedia, 1998).
A recent conference he organized was Tulipomania Dotcom conference, which
took place in Amsterdam, June 2000, focussing on a critique of the New
Economy www.balie.nl/tulipomania. In early 2001 he co-founded
www.fibreculture.org, a forum for Australian Internet research and culture
which has its first publication out, launched at the first fibreculture
meeting in Melbourne (December 2001).

Lecture is organized with the support of  Royal Netherlands Embassy in


Andreas Broeckmann (Berlin)
Lecture and presentation: Transmediale: Art plays global  plays global which
was intented to be on Tuesday, 24.09.02 is postponed for October

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