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Hi all,

Here's the second announcement about the seminar, Border Crossings,
which we holding at Tate Modern tomorrow.  If you're in London, please
come along. =20

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A seminar / discussion at Tate Modern, London, UK



Tuesday 1 October, 1830 - 2000

International Times for the webcast:

1730 - 1900 [ GMT ]

1930 - 2100 [ Central European Time ]

1330 - 1500 [ US Eastern Time ]

2300 - 0100 [ Indian Time ]

0330 - 0500 [ Australian Eastern Time - 2 October ]

0530 - 0700 [ New Zealand Time - 2 October ]


Starr Auditorium, Level 2

Tate Modern

Bankside, London, UK


UK=A36 (UK=A33 concessions).  Call: +44 020 7887 8888


National borders are increasingly frontlines of political and social
dissent. Asylum-seeking and political migration are some of the most
significant issues of our time. Border Crossings aims to probe the
background of border activism, examining how artists and cultural
practitioners have explored immigration and border crossing within
Europe and beyond.

There is a rich history of artists siting work specifically at national
borders. The Border Art Workshop <<http://www.borderartworkshop.org/>
began by artist Guillermo Gomez-Pe=F1a and others, has involved artists
in actions at the US/Mexico border since 1984. In recent times, this
border has again been the subject of artistic interventions through the
borderhack <<http://www.borderhack.org/> initiative.

In Europe, overt activism and civil disobedience disrupting borders is
increasing. New technologies - especially the internet - have become
powerful communication tools for the development of projects which
question the way that migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are treated
within Europe. Websites, email networks, net-based audio transmissions
and online video-conferences are some of the mechanisms which have been
employed by groups such as the No Border network
<<http://www.noborder.eu.org/>, for organising, promoting and siting
actions. Initiatives such the No One is Illegal
<<http://www.contrast.org/borders/noone.html> campaign, provide a
framework for groups engaged with diverse issues in art and politics to
collaborate on projects which support illegal migrants, promote public
debate about illegal border-crossing, and protest against

This discussion will explore the contentious role of borders in Europe
and beyond, and the way artists are contesting geographical and
cultural perimeters.

Border Crossings features artist, Heath Bunting (UK), activist and
filmmaker Florian Schneider (Germany) and writer and curator, Armin
Medosch (UK/Austria.


* Heath Bunting, UK

Heath Bunting is committed to building open and democratic
communication systems and social contexts. His past work has
encompassed performance, intervention, pirate radio, fax, mail art and
BBS systems. He has produced many internet projects, some highly
recognised and has helped form a strong basis for the practice of

In this context, he was commissioned to create an art work for Tate's
website. The resulting piece, BorderXing Guide
primarily consists of documentation of border crossings he has
undertaken throughout Europe. The work comments on the way in which
movement between borders is restricted by governments and associated
bureaucracies. The website is not available to everyone who has an
Internet connection. People wishing to view the website must physically
travel to one of the listed designated locations, or apply to become an
authorised client themselves. The project intends a reversal of the way
that borders restrict movement and challenge the supposed liberties
that accompany the concept of the Internet as a borderless space.

Online data: http://irational.org/heath

* Florian Schneider (DE)

=46lorian Schneider is a writer, filmmaker and net activist. He
concentrates on how new communication and migration regimes are being
attacked and undermined by critics of borders and networks. Schneider
is one of the initiators of the No One is Illegal
<<http://www.contrast.org/borders/noone.html> campaign launched at the
Hybrid Workspace at documentaX in Kassel in 1997. He is one of the
founders of the noborder network <<http://www.noborder.eu.org/> and the
Europe-wide internet platform, D-A-S-H. Last year he designed and
directed the make world <<http://make-world.org/> festival in Munich,
and organised metabolics, a series of lectures on net art and net

Schneider has worked on several documentaries for the German-French
television station, Arte, including the documentary What's to be done?
<<http://wastun.org/> which looks at contemporary activism. He also
writes for major German newspapers, magazines, journals and handbooks.

Online data: http://www.contrast.org/borders

* Armin Medosch (UK/AT)

Armin Medosch is a writer, artist and curator. He is a co-founder of
the online magazine Telepolis - The Magazine of Net culture - which he
co-edited from 1996 to 2002. With Telepolis he was awarded the European
Online Journalism Award (2000) and the Grimme Online Award (2002).
Together with Janko R=F6ttgers he edited Netzpiraten published 2001 by
Heise Verlag, a collection of essays which portray the internet's
underworld of hackers, crackers, virus writers, hoaxers and software
pirates. n 2001/02 he co-curated the online art exhibition, Kingdom of
Piracy which was launched at the Ars Electronica Festival. His current
work includes writing, research and art projects involving wireless
technologies and the politics of art and code.

Online data: http://www.telepolis.de=20


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