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Taylor Nuttall taylor at folly.co.uk
Tue Jul 8 14:02:23 CEST 2003

2 weeks of workshop activity are taking place at Folly from 11th August to
23rd August

These are timed to coincide with an Interventions residency & bursaries,
Adinda van’t Klooster will be artist in residence at Folly throughout July
and August and will be joined by regional artists from Lancashire and
Cumbria who have been selected to receive a bursary .

Additional participants are now being offered the opportunity to take part.

The 2 weeks are split into 2 themes. Participation is being subsidised by
funding from Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council each week
will cost £50 or £40 for members of Folly. Additional help with
accommodation may be available.

Week 1 theme – exploring content / generative software  - audio/ video /

Week 2 theme – code / programming / activism / networks

Alongside the residency Adinda will be presenting work in the main gallery:

SYMPHONIC BIRTH GROUNDS – An Interactive Installation

This interactive installation combines light, sound and sculpture and
interactive technology. Shapes based on the first 28 days of a human embryo
are placed in pools of coloured light inside flowerpots. When moved within
the light, the embryo shapes generate sound samples based on what a foetus
hears inside the mother's womb. Some samples are actual recordings of inside
the body, others are more abstracted and manipulated sounds.  The viewer can
manipulate the pitch of the sound by slowly moving the shape. The sound is
separated into four channels, creating a spatial presence in the whole

This installation will invite people to play together, as the shapes need to
be interacted with continuously in order to keep making music.

This installation is about the wonder of human life. The most amazing
transformations take place in the early life of an embryo. By touching the
shapes, the viewer creates his/her own interactive soundscape. This work
itself touches on the delicate subject matter of artificial recreation,
biotechnology and research done on live embryos.

This project is funded by the Scottish Arts Council and the Crawford Arts
Centre in St Andrews, where the installation will first be shown.

As part of Adinda's residency Adinda will be developing some research
activity which will lead to Interventions happening in non-gallery based
locations around Lancaster. Regional artists will also be developing
Interventions and all participants in the workshops have the opportunity to
take part in this activity.

Folly is running the two weeks of workshop activity using ‘The Kitchen’ new
media lab and its Linux, Apple Mac resources.

Activities will run throughout the week, including evenings and weekends
with national and international artists contributing sessions including
using software applications such as MAXS/MSP and Jitter, Lisa, Stamp, other
programming tools, open source software using the Linux operating system and
engaging with other network and communications technologies. The 2 weeks
will include a variety of activities, creative exploration and critical

Week 1 will include contributions from:

Andrew Deakin
Adinda van’t Klooster
Tom Lloyd
Matt Olden
Martin Robinson
Steve Symons

Week 2 will include contributions from:

Boredom Research
Martin Howse
Jen Southern
James Wallbank
Simon Yuill

Additional activities include:

A Revision - Tarkovsky special event 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th August

A celebration of the work of Russian Director, Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986),
screening his seven features in order of their production:
SOLARIS (1972)
MIRROR (1974)
STALKER (1979)

Each workshop week is bookable separately and will cost £50 or £40 for Folly
The Tarkovsky special event is free to members of Folly: £2.00 per film for
non members or £10.00 for a pass for all seven films.

Details of the other evening presentations in connection with the workshops
will be announced separately.

For all bookings please contact admin at folly.co.uk

Taylor Nuttall
26 Castle Park
01524 388550
director at folly.co.uk

>>>current exhibition -
Snow: Field:
A four channel audio installation
Olsen / Drouhin

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