[spectre] Computing Culture Group / MIT -- call for applications

Chris Csikszentmihalyi csik at media.mit.edu
Mon Nov 3 10:14:46 CET 2003

The Computing Culture research Group is now accepting applications
for admission in the Fall of 2004.  CCG is an art/technology/activism
research group within the MIT Media Lab.  Recent projects have
included [ the DJ I Robot Sound System, Government Information
Awareness, Critical Cartographies, Doom Monitor, Haptic Opposition,
and the Afghan Explorer ].  Researchers in the group have shown and
presented work from Soho to Singapore.  The group is accepting
several students for the two-year, funded Master of Science program.
Applicants from any nation may apply.

Computing Culture is based on the premise that artists can and should
invent technologies.  We are less interested in using recent
technologies for expression than in authoring new ones, ones that
might be overlooked by the market or the interests of science and
engineering practice.  Our research results in specific works of art,
but also helps further an understanding of the relationships between
art, technology, and cultural production.  Some of the strategies
that we practice include interventions in contemporary consumer
electronics, creating special events for public situations, and
applying technical development to cultural agendas that wouldn't
normally receive it.

Our emphasis is on physically and spatially embodied (rather than
screen-based) projects, and work that engenders technology with
significant social agency.  Prospective applicants may be trained in
either art, humanities, science, or engineering, but should show
crossover.  For instance, an art or humanities student should ideally
be an accomplished programmer, have machining skills, and be able to
design and fabricate electronics.  An engineering student should have
done several art projects, worked with a professional artist, or
shown their ability to author radical or unexpected technologies.
Those without a combination of technical and critical skills need not

Applications are due December 15th.  A portfolio of previous works is
required.  Information on how to apply may be found at
http://www.media.mit.edu/mas/apply.html.  More information about the
group may be found at our somewhat pathetic web site,

Please forgive us if you have received any cross-postings.

Christopher P. Csikszentmihályi
Director, Computing Culture Group
E15-020A | 20 Ames Street
Cambridge | MA | USA | 02139-5275

Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
MIT Media Lab
csik at media.mit.edu

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